Sylvie Jones, a nom d’artiste, was a familiar and much-loved artist during the glory days of the London-based Erotic Print Society’s slightly irregular publication, The Erotic Print Society Review, which quickly abbreviated itself to The Erotic Review. Sylvie Jones’ style evolved from a rather naive and stereotyped eroticism into a wide and imaginative range of colourful paintings and drawings.

As little is known about the artist beyond her biographical note in the 2001 Scarlet Library edition of Séduction, we quote it in full here: ‘Sylvie Jones studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts in London, gaining a BA in Fine Art. Well-travelled (one of her many passions), she has held five one-artist exhibitions and taken part in several group shows. Her work is in many private collections, and her subject matter ranges from nudes in erotic landscapes to illustrating the antiques page of House & Garden. She divides her time between preparing for her exhibitions, her illustrative work, and an increasingly large number of individual erotic art commissions. She lives and works in London.’

What happened to Sylvie’s career after her last Erotic Review cover in 2001 and the publication of Sylvie Jones’ Sex Diary a year later, which included many of her paintings and several erotic stories which may or may not have been by the same hand, is shrouded in secrecy. We can find no information about the exhibitions mentioned in her biography, and nothing of her work in the last twenty years. We trust that she became a successful artist under her real name, and remembers her erotic youth with a smile.

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