Here is a wide-ranging selection of Caroline Coon’s work over the years, from an early college study and her banned ‘Mr Olympia’ to her defiant and honest ‘Self with Delphinium age 70’. Worthy of note are political statements like ‘Oz Trio’, featuring the prosecuted editors Richard Neville, Felix Dennis and Jim Anderson from the celebrated obscenity trial of 1971, and ‘Valerie Solanas’ with her 1967 SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto, appropriately accompanied by a severed member. We have also included several of the ‘Ladbroke Grove’ series, together with the much-discussed ‘Rush Hour: She Strips them Naked with her Eyes’, in which the men ogling naked bodies in the tabloids on their way to work are shown stripped naked themselves, any offence caused by her work exposing our own hypocrisy.

Here are the titles and dates of the works we have chosen to represent Caroline Coon’s extensive output:

     Pieces, 1966
     Mr Olympia, 1983
     Peter Campbell the Electrician, 1985
     Goal, 1989
     Sheltering, 1991
     Pieta, 1992
     Women of Ladbroke Grove, Carnival, 1992
     Defender, 1994
     Oz Trio, 1995
     Flamenco Dancer 2, 1996
     Flamenco Dancer 3, 1996
     Sexes, 1996
     The Family, 1996
     Striker, 1998
     World Hotel Room, 1998
     CUNT, 1999
     Prostitutes, Stone the Hypocrites! 2002
     See, He is Absolutely Gorgeous! 2002
     Self with Lilies, 2002
     Valerie Solanas, 2002
     Self in Cock Mask, 2003
     Ocean, 2004
     Rush Hour: She Strips them Naked with her Eyes, 2004
     Sex, Love, 2004
     Ladbroke Grove: Dancing in the Street, 2006
     Adam and Eve in Ladbroke Grove, 2007
     Early Morning, Harrow Road, 2008
     A Fast Rucking Game, 2009
     A Sweet Lob from 25 Yards, 2009
     Fallin’ Sunrise, 2009
     Midnight (after Wilhelm Hammershoi), 2009
     Gender-blurring Tangles, 2013
     Self with Delphinium age 70, 2016