Lynn Paula Russell’s ‘Scenes from the Artist’s Life’ appeared in The Illustrative Art of Lynn Paula Russell, published by The Erotic Print Society. The accompanying text explains that ‘For some time the artist has been in the process of writing an autobiography. The following sequence of ten drawings is based upon her life and sexual experiences.’ The promised autobiography has yet to appear, but in many ways the drawings stand on their own without any further explanation necessary.

The captions to the ten illustrations read:

I   ‘He breathed very heavily but rolled down my panties with a fair degree of skill.’

II   ‘I was surprised to find myself lying on the back seat of a parked car with my skirt around my waist.’

III   My demon lover.

IV   ‘It was my tree. I knew it at once!’

V   ‘A photo shoot is make-believe,’ I reflected.

VI   ‘My Sir Stephen bade me caress myself, but like O, I felt awkward, embarrassed.’

VII   ‘We were the grace notes in the musician’s score.’

VIII   ‘The setting was always the same.’

IX   ‘As I felt the chains drawing me up off the floor, I began to leap and dance in the air.’

X   ‘Ah,’ says Bedelia to her niece, Debbie, ‘it’s you.’