As far as we are aware, this portfolio of drawings with the generic title Accouplements (Couplings) is the only set of explicitly erotic drawings of Kernstok to have survived. Until May 2021 they were in the possession of the long-time erotica collector Tony Fekete, when they were sold in the Christie’s auction of a large part of that library.

The coloured title page demonstrates Kernstok’s interest in the prevailing monumental style of the early 1930s, while the drawings demonstrate both his fascination in the interaction of human bodies and his talent in the ability to draw very convincing sexual couplings.

Erotikus Rajz (Erotik Drawing), c.1930

In addition to the Accouplements portfolio, we have located just one other explicit Kernstok drawing from the 1930s, this strongly drawn and subtly coloured threesome.