Even in her drawings, Rebecca Morgan displays a range of quite distinct styles and influences. Here we show some of her large pencil drawings, including the confident self-portrait Woods Walker from 2014, the witty nods to classicism Panty Stealers after Titian’s Diana and Actaeon (2019) and Self-portrait after Mantegna (2021), and a couple of Texas Girls from 2019.

John Yau writes, ‘In her monochrome drawings and prints Morgan pays a great amount of attention to articulating single strands of hair and the edges of shapes, suggesting that she allows herself to be guided by the medium. In the 2019 graphite drawing Panty Stealers, at a little more than 7 feet by 6, Morgan’s tonal shading, distinguishing one form and surface from another, looks like it has not been reworked – tree bark, bulging belly, and hair sprouting from skin have all been carefully attended to with remarkable control.’