We show here a representative selection of Rebecca Morgan’s paintings, including  realistic self-portraits of a confident, naturally-curvy young woman, bright paintings where the colour covers the whole canvas, like Self-Portrait as Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa, Face Unwashed, Smoking and Eating Oreos in Bed (2019) and You Can Have It All (2020), and her trademark mountain-folk offerings including Reclining Mountain Man (2016) and Mountain Love (2014).

Art critic John Yau has written, ‘Morgan can be snarky and empathetic at the same time. Her combination of bawdy subject matter and deft caricature with clear drawing and precise gradations of shading culminates in wonderfully funny, art-historical contradiction. She has absorbed the basic tenets of Neo-classical drawing and applied them to raunchy, sexually explicit subject matter, something you cannot imagine Nicholas Poussin or Jacques-Louis David ever doing. By working in this manner, while acknowledging the influence of place on her subject matter, Morgan deliberately collides a high, serious style with her low-brow subject matter, essentially rendering the distinction moot. Moreover, instead of focusing on the political incorrectness of her characters’ behaviour, she celebrates their impolitic actions as she defines a funny, wayward world where women can punch back.’