Clémentine à la plage (Clémentine at the Beach) is a solo Boccère production, even though the cover suggests a collaboration with the late-lamented ‘Igor’, and compared with Chambre 121 and La pharmacienne is a tale simply told and simply illustrated, in a looser style than the artist’s previous output. As with his other work, Clémentine à la plage is published by Dynamite.

Again the back-cover text explains the narrative: ‘At last it’s the weekend, and after a hard week of work the pretty Clémentine is determined to rest by the sea, on an uncrowded beach where she devotes herself to enjoying the sun unhindered by clothing. The problem is that all the voyeurs in the area have spread the word to prevent her from sunbathing unhindered. Between the bigot who flirts with women behind his wife’s back and the couple who show off behind the dunes, not to mention the crab fisherman who finds himself ‘inadvertently’ between the thighs of our heroine, Clémentine gets very little peace. But ever since then she returns there every Saturday … ’

We have included here 15 of the 43 pages; for the rest you will have to buy the book.