Here we show a selection of the many paintings that appeared in the Apinadump account on Tumblr before it disappeared in late 2018. Apinadump is still producing paintings in a wide variety of styles and subjects, but since the demise of the Tumblr account he has broadened his repertoire and mostly keeps his erotic art for himself and his close friends.

What is immediately apparent from these paintings is the power and vivacity of real-life sexual encounters, so often missing from more posed artworks. These are paintings where the artist is clearly personally involved, whether as a participant or voyeur, capturing a moment of sensual engagement that so many artists find hard to convey. There is something about the speed of creating these works which mirrors the timespan of the sexual encounter itself, and the experimentation and variety of the thick brush or pastel strokes matches the vast range of potential sexual experience. Whether partner or solo, vanilla or kink, Apinadump’s art successfully captures authentic sex in authentic artworks.