Madame Récamière auf Abwegen (Madame Récamière Strays, detail)

It is interesting that for an expert in cultural history who must have made many architectural drawings for his various publications, nearly all of Rasp’s artwork to have survived contains more or less erotic elements, often explicitly sexual. These are not, however, intended to be particularly titillating; they are carefully considered works with titles like ‘At the Close of the Golden Age, or Moses destroys Parnassus’; ‘The Creation of an Acrobat Monument in Monument Valley’; ‘Polyphemus appears to Galathea’; and ‘The Entrance of the Virtual Apparition’.

Each of Hans-Peter Rasp’s drawings is worth careful study, as most of them contain several interlinked elements carefully chosen for their significance and relationship, often combined and connected in imaginative ways using perspective and architectural detail to enhance the narrative.