Compared with the amount of in-your-face art featuring rampant male genitalia, depictions of the female equivalent are rare. In Caroline Sury’s hand, though, pen and ink offer a powerful collection of women taking delight in showing us everything they have down below. With equally explicit titles like ‘Elle montre ses fesses’ (She Displays Her Ass) and ‘Je serai ta chatte’ (I’ll Be Your Pussy), she challenges her viewers to deal head-on with any fantasies they may have about female sexuality.

Vagina Mushroom is the title of the occasional limited-edition magazine that was published by Le Dernier Cri between 2000 and 2005, in which many of these drawings first appeared, along with art by more than thirty other women, including Georgeanne Deen, Nathalie Lété, Pirjetta Brander, Marilena Pelosi, Marie Noël, Marie Negretti, Laetitia Brochier, Emmanuelle Pidoux, Yuko Mizobushi, Sophie Brunelière, Valérie Berge, Clémence Paldavi, Silvia Lenardon, Judith Drew, Kathi Käppel, Elina Mérenmies, Cathi Ward, Julie Doucet, Jule Kruschke, Joëlle Izoz, Thi Kim Thu, Ulli Lust, Anna-Livia, Nina Kataila and Terhi Ekebom.