The standalone portfolio Weird Sex-Fantasy, published as a limited edition portfolio of prints by the Collector’s Press, came at the height of Wood’s career, and before his health had deteriorated so much that he found concentrated work almost impossibly difficult. He had already had several strokes, and was living with kidney failure and the loss of vision in one eye. In this portfolio, however, his skill as an artist and his fertile imagination combine to offer a series of SF-inspired erotic compositions.

The introduction sheet to the portfolio provides a personal insight into Wood’s own thoughts on the erotic:

November, 1977

Dear Friends,
     In the few words allotted to me, I would just like to say that you who purchased this portfolio have shown yourself to be a person of rare discernment and taste, not just a thrill-seeker (God knows you can find plenty of explicit stuff on any newsstand and without shelling out big bucks for it). I would venture to say that your interest in it is the same as mine. Sex and science fiction have always been my two favourite things. And they have always been sort of mutually exclusive – rather, until recently SF has excluded sex – so the news that Wally Wood has done a SF/Sex Portfolio got to you, right? I think the time is right – the world is ready for some frankly erotic art – and stories. It almost makes me wish I hadn’t drawn it, so I could see it for the first time myself. (I’m a Wally Wood fan, too.)
     I confess that I still feel I’m exposing myself in public, but I’ve come to realise that one is doing that every time one opens his mouth or puts anything down on paper. Once someone said to me. ‘Don’t you realize that little boys are going to take this stuff into the bathroom and jerk off?’ I’m still proud of my answer, ‘Let ’em find out why God gave ’em hands!’
     Some years ago Screw magazine described me as an ‘old time leftwinger and one of the horniest men alive.’ I take exception to the first part of that, but the second pleased me very much, as I have always believed ‘All the good guys are horny’. And this was before Richard Nixon ... really, fourteen years?