Apropriações Textuais (Textual Appropriations) presents a series of paintings that have the tension of rebellious eroticism. Painted between 2007 and 2009, Baroli appropriates the tradition of art history and exposes it in all its rawness with the power and honesty of a twenty-first-century eroticism, a post-sexual liberation.

A bloody, menstruating version mirrors Courbet’s ‘L’origine du monde’. A classic Christ has the artist’s face and genitals exposed at the viewer’s eye level. The male auto-eroticism of Automaton and the Decapto (Headless) triptych display the raw power of sex.

The selection presented here concludes with a few of Baroli’s more recent works which include an erotic element, including his sweet ‘Eu Vou te Mostrar o Meu se Você me Mostrar o Seu’ (I’ll Show You Mine if You Show me Yours).