Narrativas Privadas (Private Stories) is a series of paintings created from consecutive images found on pornographic websites. Men and women bathe, shower, get dressed and undressed, masturbate, have sex, each short narrative illustrated with bold, assured brushstrokes. The artist here is a voyeur, seeing the subjects from behind a curtain or through a window.

As Jozias Benedikto writes in an online piece titled Eroticism and Appropriation, Baroli appears totally at ease with skin and cellulite, ‘eroticising bodies and their settings equally. the worn metal taps, the razors. Sensuality is minimised, as if the artist is dissecting the bodies rather than exposing them. His subjects are not young or beautiful, but through his painting the artist removes them from their tawdry bathrooms and bedrooms and makes us desire them, objects of a perverse gaze.’

Narrativas Privadas was the theme of exhibitions in the Galeria Laura Marsiaj, Rio de Janeiro, and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mato Grosso do Sul.