The Young Governess, a large-format graphic novel inspired by Phoebe Gardener’s series of stories, was Paula Russell’s last commission for The Erotic Review. The story was first published in instalments in the Review’s magazine before being issued as a book, which due to the Review’s rocky history (for details see the Wikipedia entry at was only printed in a very small quantity and is hard to find.

At first Kate Spencer’s new job seems perfect for a young spinster with ambitions of matrimony: governess to a young girl in the large country house of rich aristocrats. Appearances are deceptive, however: she is caught in a fast-tightening net of sexual exploitation and physical humiliation at the hands of her ruthless employers. Kate realises that she must outwit the decadent Sir Bradley Fordham and his wife if she is not to be sold as a sex slave. All is not unpleasurable though, and Kate learns that sexual reward comes in many forms. And there’s a happy ending.