Once Paula Russell had discovered the graphic novel/bandes desinée format she knew that it complemented her graphic style perfectly, and allowed her to develop complete erotic narratives. After Summer Holiday (Vacances d'été) she went on to produce two further comic strip novels, Sabina and Sabina 2, under her Paula Meadows persona. They were first published in French by Internationale Presse, and a couple of years later in English by the Erotic Print Society, who described their author as ‘Lynn Paula Russell illustrating as Paula Meadows’.

In the first volume the eponymous heroine Sabina gets to play with her sugar daddy Sir Archibald and his friends, is gang-banged by a group of criminals, and shares a courgette with her lesbian lover Mandy. While the storyline is fairly banal and ultra-fantasy, the standard of the graphics is very high; Paula Russell really knows how to draw naked human bodies enjoying each other.