The second Sabina volume picks up where the first ended, with our heroine staying at Sir Archibald’s country house. After treating stable boy Andrew to a sexual encounter, lesbian Kate arrives; together they decide to see what naked bareback riding on the estate horses feels like. They are caught in the act by his lordship, who punishes them and sacks Andrew.

The action moves to Southampton Docks, where Sabina is meant to meet yacht-owner Wilfrid, but instead spends erotic times with a couple of well-hung sailors, then to where another lesbian lover, Patty lives. Together Sabina and Patty become the star attractions at an orgiastic party. Several sexual encounters later, including an amazing transsexual (a first in a comic strip?), Wilfrid finally turns up and everyone ends the evening naked, happy, and sated.

As with the first Sabina volume, Sabina 2 was first published in French, then in English by the Erotic Print Society.