Françoise, ou les plaisirs du mariage, a title that hardly requires translation, divulges the real name of neither author or illustrator; the author will probably never be known, but the illustrations bear a strong resemblance to Rojan’s 1936 Idylle printanière, so we are happy for him to take the credit for this sensual marital romp, with the added bonus of Fanny’s best friends for a series of bedtime threesomes.

The descriptions of sex in Françoise are advanced even for 1930s Paris: ‘As usual I had abstained from my evening toilet, allowing him the pleasure of the sweet scent he found between my cunt-lips, or maybe even the stranger scent he picked from the cute hole in my ass! And when he had had a good smell, he slipped the fragrant hot finger between his lips, tasting it greedily.’

Françoise, ou les plaisirs du mariage was published by Aux Allées des Roses in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies.