Of all the ‘Wighead’ illustrations, these rather crude colour reproductions seem out of place here, and we have only included them to show that the pseudonym was being used by the mainstream publisher Éditions Nilsson two years earlier than the first ‘Wighead’ fetish title. Though the ten illustrations of Émaux et camées (Enamels and Cameos) are quite competent, it is hard to believe that they are by the same hand as Les cruelles frénésies or Chair sanglée.

Romantic poet and author Théophile Gautier wrote the poetry collection Émaux et camées in the mid-nineteenth century. Originally published in 1852 with just eighteen poems, Émaux et camées grew to include 37 poems in later editions including this one.

Éditions Nilsson published four other illustrated classics with similar illustrations by ‘Wighead’ in their collection La bibliothèque précieuse, Le songe d’une nuit d'été (A Midsummer Night’s Dream); Othello ou le More de Venise (Othello or the Moor of Venice); the tales of Hans Christian Andersen, and Bernardin de Saint-Pierre’s Paul et Virginie.