The ‘Wighead’ of Sous la croupe feminine (Under Female Control) bears some resemblance to that of Épouvantes voluptueuses and Chair sanglée, so may be the same artist, but if so these illustrations, though passable, do not have the same artistic imagination and skill. It is likely that by the time Éditions Curio published Sous la croupe ‘Wighead’ had become a useful selling point. The text is by the prolific ‘Jim Galding’, author of a dozen or more titles and also a well-known name by 1936.

This foray into femdom covers a wide range of painful fantasies, including shackles, cages, and even archery. The two monochrome illustrations inserted into this copy may or may not have been bought with the original volume.

An illustrated German translation of Sous la croupe feminine entitled Unter dem Hintern einer Frau was published by Eros Publishing in around 1980.

We are grateful to Steve Mullins of the Olympia Press website ( for these illustrations.