As Dian Hanson, the editor of the Taschen study of Tom of Finland’s work writes, ‘Perhaps the greatest tragedy in Tom’s story is the near total loss of his work from the 1950s’, so it is a minor miracle that this early comic strip rough about two young men discovering their homosexuality has survived.

The reason for this is the all-too-common disappearance of the artist’s output, especially his earlier work, through underhand financial arrangements and outright theft. Maybe the most blatant example of this took place in 1959, when a New York businessman travelled to Helsinki to meet Laaksonen. The shy Finn was no match for the pushy New Yorker, who demanded to meet his male models. The more Laaksonen protested that the men existed only in his imagination, the more demanding the visitor became; if he could not have the models, then how about the art? The New Yorker asked how much the artist wanted for all the original drawings Laaksonen had showed him, some 75 of them. The artist asked for $70, a massive sum for him in those days; the businessman readily agreed, and the drawings headed back to the USA in his luggage. They were never seen again.

The narrative of Jukka and Tane could hardly be simpler, but in the context of the prevailing morality of 1957 is significantly direct and graphic; two gay men find each other and experience ‘the fuck of the century’. The translation below is courtesy of Finnish erotic artist and comedian Pete Harju, whose website is here. Thank you Pete!

Jukka and Tane

Jukka was the best-looking lumberjack in the cabin.
    Every Saturday he needed to satisfy his hunger, so he went to the village to the check out the girls. 
    They’d lay down behind the barn and Jukka would slide his cock into a horny pussy. 
    But one day a new guy, Tane, arrived; Jukka was very taken with him. 
    One day Tane’s tight ass pressed against Jukka’s crotch; Jukka was surprised to find he had a hard-on. 
    Women were forgotten; Jukka started to crave Tane. He suggested they went to the riverbank together. 
    When they were out of sight of the cabin, Jukka couldn’t control himself any more. 
    They started to wrestle frantically. Tane tried to free himself, but Jukka was as strong as an ox, so got his way. 
    Jukka brought Tane down to the ground and forced his bare ass under him. He thrust his hard cock into Tane’s juicy asshole. Tane squirmed, but Jukka fucked him like a stallion, and his victim had to capitulate. 
    When the action was finally over they were both soaking with sweat. Jukka had shot three loads, and Tane could really feel it in his ass. 
    Tane went for a swim, and when he got back Jukka was fast asleep. Tane put his boots on and snuck up to him. 
    When Tane was on top of him with a hard-on, Jukka woke up. 
    After he’d been taken by Jukka, Tane wanted more of the handsome lumberjack. He wanted to feel his rugged hands, and his massive cock penetrate deep inside him. He pressed himself on Jukka and kissed him passionately, surprising even himself. 
    Jukka detached himself from Tane’s embrace and took his hard cock out of his trousers. Tane’s ass was ready. 
    They started the fuck of the century; sometimes Jukka was on the top, sometimes Tane. Sweat flowed and cum spattered. 
    It was almost morning when the buddies went back to the cabin, tired but happy.