My favourite lover …

1st October 2021

Back from a week away in stormy Scotland, with a new portfolio from Erich Godal – his inspired etchings in honour of a favourite muse and lover called Jo. See Dedicated to Jo now by clicking here and enjoy his skill and imagination.

Classic advice for lovers

21st September 2021

A special treat today for all you Bécat lovers, not one but two new suites of colour illustrations to accompany Aretino’s Les Ragionamenti, dialogues about how best to please your lover. The 1944 suite is here, and the 1953 set of etchings here. Enjoy!

Bedtime stories

19th September 2021

We recently added Arwed Gorella’s illustrations inspired by de Sade, and today we complement these with his erotic drawings for a 1968 edition of Thousand and One Nights. His delicate and sensual drawings bring to life the essence of these classic tales. See them here.

Less is more …

15th September 2021

Another important and original new artist today, the Parisian Hippolyte Romain with his trademark line drawings, seemingly simple yet conveying an enormous range of character, interaction and eroticism. See his wonderful work now by clicking here.

Lesbian lovers

14th September 2021

A short but sweet new portfolio today from Otto Schoff, his 1926 response to Pierre Louÿs’s lesbian fantasy Bilitis. Quickly drawn, nicely imagined – see it now by clicking here.

A tarot mistresspiece

12th September 2021

A very exciting day for us here at honesterotica, as we delight in bringing you the best erotic tarot pack ever produced, Lori Walls’ 1999 Tarot Erotica. Truly original, truly inspired, truly erotic – see it now by clicking here. Enjoy!

No time for a break …

9th September 2021

Anatola Soungouroff is best known as a painter of beautiful boys with full lips and wistful eyes, the ultimate gay fantasy. But in 1947 he also illustrated one book, Days without a Sunday, with more explicit images, and you can now see them here. Enjoy!

Sex – let’s face it

8th September 2021

The Italian Guiseppe Arcimboldo used fruit and vegetables to create his trademark paintings of faces; today’s new artist, Arwed Gorella, uses naked bodies in the same way to illustrate the transgressive classics of the Marquis de Sade. See his highly original work here.

Holiday explorations

7th September 2021

Fancy a late summer break with young Adèle and Albertine, intent on exploring their sexuality? Then you'll appreciate Paul Avril’s 1905 portfolio of A Summer in the Country, newly added here. Have fun!

Censored and destroyed, but one copy survived

6th September 2021

A pioneering portfolio of erotic prints published in Munich in 1909 is today’s new offering. Featuring daring prints by 12 artists, The Phoenix was instantly banned and very few complete sets have survived. We are fortunate to be able to share it here.