Classical sensuality

9th December 2021

An elegant cross between classicism and surrealism set in a sensual erotic world of Venetian masquerade – that’s today’s new artist, Ben Dhaliwal, better known to lovers of the erotic as his alter ego Andrea Alciato. See his work now by clicking here and be transported!

Bones, muscles, skin, hair …

8th December 2021

Today’s offering is the Californian artist Phillip Dvorak, with his forensic exploration of nakedness. As one reviewer writes, ‘Dvorak's explorations are rooted in the erotic, subconscious and emotional possibilities of the human body’. See his work now by clicking here.

Polymorphous perversity

5th December 2021

Today we have for you in the German artist Johannes Spehr a provocative and fearless explorer of the dark recesses of how human beings interact with each other. Be prepared to be shocked and left wondering with his Bataille illustrations, which you can see here.

Client shaming

3rd December 2021

The witty and wonderful contemporary Russian artist Eugene Drabkin is today’s new offering for you all. See his shameless Poems about Sluts and daring Cheats and Cribs now by clicking here. If you don’t smile there must be something seriously wrong with you …

Keeping the freedom flag flying

29th November 2021

A really important new artist for you today, the original and imaginative Russian artist Valentin Yustitsky, who in 1937 was transported to the Gulag by the Soviets for his liberal ideas. But what joy and freedom in his drawings, which you can see now by clicking here.

Caroline Coon, the great offender

28th November 2021

It wasn’t until she was 73 that Caroline Coon was given her first solo exhibition – its title, ‘The Great Offender’, explaining why this iconoclastic artist is less well known than she deserves to be. Now we can share an inspiring selection of her work here.

Wild sex

27th November 2021

We’ve just added Tavy Notton’s powerful illustrations for Rimbaud’s explicit sonnet cycle Les Stupra, so now we have all three of Notton’s erotic commissions it’s a good time to reacquaint yourself with his amazing etchings. See them all now at by clicking here.

Persian pleasures

26th November 2021

‘A jug of wine, a loaf of bread – and thou’ – the best-known line from The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, lovingly and erotically illustrated in 1920s flapper style by today’s new artist, Ronald Balfour. Read about him and his work here, and enjoy that wine!

No greater love hath any woman

25th November 2021

With great thanks to a specialist bookshop friend, we are at last able to offer you all the complete series from Mariette Lydis’s groundbreaking lesbian-themed portfolio Sappho from 1933. Tender, sensual, accomplished – see them now by clicking here.

Why should not young men be gay?

24th November 2021

Gay fantasies don’t come much gayer than those of Ed Cervone, ‘Ed of Manhattan’, who during the 1980s and 90s produced dozens of drawings and paintings featuring young men with six-pack chests, tight buttocks, and mightily swelling cocks. See them now by clicking here.