A fair maid’s initiation

5th February 2023

Two new 1840 portfolios today by the great Achille Devéria, including his irreverent erotic depictions of the early life of Joan of Arc to accompany Voltaire’s scandalous Maid of Orleans. See these and the newly-added Library of Novels now by clicking here.

How shocking …

4th February 2023

A fin-de-siècle offering today from the great Anon – a portfolio of drawings inspired by the more extreme passages from Sade’s classics, Justine and Juliette. Designed to make the gentlemen frown and the ladies blush, they still have the power to shock. See them all now by clicking here.

Getting very wet

30th January 2023

A wonderful new portfolio today from Otto Rudolf Schatz, his 1947 Badefreuden, Bathtime Pleasures. Anyone who can imagine and create erotic watercolours like these is a genius. See them all now by clicking here. Bathtime will never be the same again!

Sex on the brain

23rd January 2023

Back in the day – the 1950s and 60s – Wallace ‘Wally’ Wood was probably the best-known cartoonist in the west. SF, war, fantasy, he could do them all. Then when the market opened up to sex in the 70s, Wally was right there! See his erotic work now by clicking here.

A luscious garden of delights

22nd January 2023

Today we bring you the visual wit and fertile surrealist imagination of today’s new addition to the site, the Korean artist Joyce Lee. She has an enormous online following, now you can join them; see a great selection of her work by clicking here.

Very little French dressing

21st January 2023

It’s always a pleasure to share a new portfolio by one of our favourite illustrators, and today it’s a classic set of plates by the great Alméry Lobel-Riche – his 1925 etchings for Colette’s Chéri. A real master of the art, and very daring for its time! – see them all now by clicking here.

Only joking?

20th January 2023

The barbed humourist and critic of male sexual behaviour Anton Kannemeyer has been shocking polite South African society for decades. He’s today’s new artist, and you can see his work now by clicking here. We’ve even translated the Afrikaans punchlines for you :-)

Cut out to be gay

17th January 2023

We stay in China for today’s new artist, Xiyadie, with his autobiographical traditional papercuts portraying the joys and sorrows of being a gay man in a repressive culture – see these works of art now by clicking here.

The colours of desire

15th January 2023

What a treat for you all today – nearly two hundred paintings by the remarkable contemporary Chinese artist Deng Jianjin, exploring the depths and varieties of erotic fantasy. Spend time with each canvas, the effort is well worth it. Deng’s artworks can be found here.

My muse

12th January 2023

Milo Manara is probably our favourite erotic cartoonist, and today we bring you some of his best mature work, his 2001 tribute, The Model. How cleverly he imitates the style of the great artists! See them all now by clicking here.