Slip of the tongue?

21st April 2021

A special treat for you all today, a new portfolio from your favourite artist, Lynn Paula Russell. It’s the original drawings from her 2005 Going Down guide to cunnilingus. You could even buy one if you can afford it! See them all here.

Vulva appreciation

18th April 2021

If you didn’t look carefully, you might think that James Walter Lee’s delicate studies were beautiful seashells; in fact they help us appreciate the exquisite detail and enormous variety of women’s sexual landscape. New on the website today, see his vulva drawings here.

SM from an angry young artist

15th April 2021

Another daring and imaginative 1920s German illustrator today, Georg Scholz with his colourful portfolio of disturbing sadomasochistic images Marquis d’Aunage. They are up on the website now; you can see them here. Bravely honest or completely over the top?

Lust and vice …

14th April 2021

A brilliant graphic designer and innovative illustrator, the German Alphons Woelfle also had to have a try at an erotic portfolio – hence his 1930 Of Lust and Vice. Newly added to the website, you can now see it here.

Telling it how it is

13th April 2021

If you haven’t heard of the New York artist Betty Tompkins, you certainly ought to know her work. From her 1970s ‘Cunt Paintings’ to the ‘Women Words’ series, she makes us think carefully what we mean by porn, pleasure, and mutual respect. See her work here.

Those were the days …

12th April 2021

For those old enough to remember it, Tracy Nakayama, today’s new artist, transports us back to 1960s printed erotica, oh so novel and innocent, and transforms those hippy images into new artworks full of wistfulness and lost promise. See her work here.

Not just pretty young dancers

9th April 2021

If you thought that Edgar Degas just painted pretty pictures of ballet dancers, think again. He also spent a lot of time in Paris brothels making a series of honest and compelling drawings, the prints from which you can now see here. Enjoy!

Get your teeth into this …

8th April 2021

An important new artist at honesterotica today, probably the best-known Ex Libris (bookplate) designer of the twentieth century, Jean Morisot. And illustration wasn't all he was good at; he was also an excellent dentist! See his imaginative work here.

Obscene pictures of great amateurism

6th April 2021

‘Obscene pictures of great amateurism’ is the official verdict on today’s new artist, the obscure 1920s Herr Bénis. But his etchings do have a naive charm, and can still inspire and encourage today’s amateur artists! See them here, and imagine his life and times.

Spanking new illustrations by, err, who ... ?

4th April 2021

A real treat for all you lovers of illustrated 1920s flagellation classics – no fewer than five spanking new portfolios from the hand of the pseudonymous artist Gaston Smit (or is it Topfer, or Barclay?). Whatever, they are on the website now, see them here. Enjoy!