In 1965 a nominally Paris-based publisher, Edition Or-Mondial, started to publish a series in German called ‘Meisterwerke der erotischen Literatur’ (Masterworks of Erotic Literature). Five years later, when publication ceased, twelve numbered volumes had been published.

Seven of the series were illustrated, and five of those by an artist credited as Maurice Charroux. The pen and ink illustrations are competent and intelligent, very much of their time, and the quality improves perceptibly from Aloisia Segaea in 1965 onwards.

We can be sure that ‘Maurice Charroux’ is a pseudonym, as there is no record of any artist of that name. We have not been able to identify any particular illustrator working on similar material in the late 1960s, though it has been suggested that ‘Maurice Charroux’ is a pseudonym of the Dutch illustrator Georges (sometimes George) Laurent Mazure, who together with his better-known brother Alfred (who created the popular comic strip Dick Bos), worked on a variety of comics from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Georges Mazure also created his own newspaper strip about a sexy female criminologist called Myra van Dijk, whose adventures he drew for Het Vrije Volk, and another erotic heroine, Jacqueline, for several Dutch regional papers. Apart from the similarity in subject matter, however, we have no direct evidence that ‘Charroux’ and Mazure are the same artist.

A Jacqueline strip from 1960



Example illustration