In 1965 a nominally Paris-based publisher, Edition Or-Mondial, started to publish a series in German called ‘Meisterwerke der erotischen Literatur’ (Masterworks of Erotic Literature). Five years later, when publication ceased, twelve numbered volumes had been published. Seven were illustrated, and five of those by an artist credited as Maurice Charroux. The pen and ink illustrations are competent and intelligent, very much of their time, and the quality improves perceptibly from Aloisia Segaea in 1965 onwards.

The puzzle is that ‘Maurice Charroux’ has left us not the slightest trace as to his identity. Charroux is not a common family name, though it is the name of a village in central France. So who was Maurice Charroux?

The style is similar to that of several artists working in book and magazine illustration during the late 1960s, but not similar enough to pin down the enigmatic Charroux. Let us know if you think you can help.

Example illustration