Naked reality

26th November 2022

Today’s new artist, Jean Rustin, wasn’t afraid to explore the corporality of the human body and the unbeautified, unsanitised aspects of nakedness. His depictions of sex are a more honest introduction than any number of classical nudes. See his work now by clicking here.

Where it all started

24th November 2022

For those of you who wonder how a great idea turns into reality, here’s the germ of the idea for the honesterotica website as drafted on a single sheet of A4 in December 2016. From little acorns … thank you to you all for helping us grow into a mighty oak! Kisses from Rosie and the gang xxx

Our take on porn

23rd November 2022

In the last day or so we’ve noticed quite a few folks reading our thoughts about honesterotica’s take on porn. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s here. We’d be very interested to hear what you think …

Strangeness and charm

22nd November 2022

An original and thought-provoking new artist for you all today, the Spanish painter Xevi Solà Serra, with his powerful and often disturbing images of vulnerability and threat in seemingly everyday settings. See his work now by clicking here, and see what they do for you.

Sex Soviet style

17th November 2022

A talented but sadly almost forgotten Russian artist today, Nikolai Sapach, who could turn his hand and erotic imagination to a range of styles from lavish Rococo to Soviet satire. See his work now by clicking here.

Anyone for whipping?

14th November 2022

A little light French flagellation today from a minor artist of the genre, Léon Roze. Some very titillating fin de siècle frilly underwear though! It can be found now on the website by clicking here. Enjoy!

Orgy time!

13th November 2022

Fancy an orgy on a beach in the south of France, or in one of those posh Mediterranean seaside hotels? Then today’s new artist, André Cottavoz, is an artist whose chaotic colourful imaginings will bring a smile to your day. Enjoy his work now by clicking here.

For adults only …

8th November 2022

For lovers of erotic alphabets, today we bring you the inventive, talented work of the St Petersburg artist and illustrator Mikhail Gavrichkov. Enjoy the military men, sailors and clerics with amazing members, the women with wonderful tattoos. See them all now by clicking here.

Punk rules

7th November 2022

To the New York punk rock scene today, and the colourful, entertaining, fantastic, gritty, sexy paintings of John John Jesse. This is the world of drink, drugs, tattoos and youthful nakedness – see his world now by clicking here.

Shocking stockings

6th November 2022

The Belgian artist Rachel Menchior is best known for the erotic drawings she made while she was still in her twenties, half a century ago. Her spare compositions hold much of the same power today as they did when they first shocked and her book was banned. See her work now by clicking here.