Dream on

8th July 2021

Time for a woman’s take on erotic fantasy, the twenty-two-year old Hungarian artist Margit Gaal’s 1920 Songes Galantes – Courageous Dreams. Dreams like these are worth having! See them now here.

The ultimate transgressions

7th July 2021

Experimenter, iconoclast, bon viveur (he has his own vineyard), and a wicked sense of humour – that’s today’s new artist, Eric Provoost. See his Bataille Histoire d l’oeil portfolio and his wonderful erotic alphabets here.

Exploring transgression

6th July 2021

Today’s new artist, Paris-based visionary Yves Milet-Desfougères, maybe requires a bit more visual attention than some, but his imaginative and detailed portfolios based on transgressive texts by Batailles and Sade are well worth the effort. See them here.

Hot nights, cold hearts …

5th July 2021

A French chambermaid’s explicit diary, or hot nights in the Caribbean? That’s what’s on offer from today’s new illustrator, Charles-Auguste Edelmann, who produced this art in the 1930s. You can read all about him and see his talented work here.

Endless pleasure

4th July 2021

A wonderful and colourful portfolio for you all today from the early 1940s, at the hand of that great artist Anon. The tile, Inlassablement (Tirelessly), says it all – non-stop pleasure. See it now here and be inspired!

What they got up to in fifteenth-century France

3rd July 2021

Today’s talented new artist is Clement Lapuszewski, who used the pseudonym ‘J Stall’ and is sometimes confused with André Collot. Sadly he only illustrated two books, but his witty eroticism is well worth spending some time with. See his work here.

Let the good times roll

2nd July 2021

An important new portfolio today from one of your favourite artists, Paul-Émile Bécat’s 1936 illustrations for Colette by the outrageous Johannès Gros. You want sexual experimentation, you have it! See them all now here, and get experimenting!

Sex with a smile

27th June 2021

Some light relief from today’s new artist, the 1930s Czech humourist Jaroslav Štika. A little dated yes, but my goodness he could draw! We could do with more of this kind of humour today, a challenge for the artists among you … See his work here.

How we lived and loved then …

25th June 2021

A treat from the 1950s today, an amateur album of twenty-two drawings by an amateur but talented hand, fulfilling every fantasy that an early-fifties imagination could desire. They all look so clean-cut and happy! Enjoy them now here.

Choose your sin …

24th June 2021

Do you scintillate, or can you keep up the sinning till after midnight? Today’s new artist, like many of the era, made the most of illustrating the seven deadlies – sloth, pride, lust, gluttony, avarice, envy and anger. See Adolphe Willette’s 1919 cardinal sins here.