Carnal pleasures

30th March 2022

Another nineteenth-century celebration of sex for you all today – The Ecstasies of Love from around 1830. Whoever made these lively, colourful prints seems to have had a very good idea of the range of delights of the flesh, Yes, nearly two centuries ago! See them all now by clicking here.

Twitter at it again (yawn)

29th March 2022

You’ve probably noticed that the honesterotica Twitter account has been suspended (again), and we’ve appealed (again). Their explanation is that our header images ‘Violate our rules against graphic violence or adult content in profile images’. Go figure. Leonor Fini (who created Rosie’s portrait) would be turning in her grave.

We hope we’ll be back twittering shortly, but in the meantime you can always find out what’s new on the site by coming here regularly! Thanks for your loyalty and patience …

Coming to the party?

29th March 2022

A new 1850s Viennese Biedermeyer-style portfolio for you today, featuring the fantasised sex life of various gentlemen, officers, and ladies of dubious virtue. See them all by clicking here, and decide who is enjoying themselves the most.

An early erotic A–Z

26th March 2022

Another erotic alphabet for you today, a straightforward Kama Sutra positions manual from around 1890. See the whole alphabet now by clicking here, and don’t try most of these yourself unless you’re a trained contortionist!

Al fresco springtime sex

25th March 2022

A new nineteenth-century portfolio for you today, a rare little amuse-bouche in the form of six erotic scenes of woodland frolics from an unknown French artist. Amour dans les bois, ah, those were the days! See them all by clicking here.

Birthday Blog Part 3

25th March 2022

On to the third and final instalment of your contributions from our request to our followers to let us know what sort of erotic art works best for them. Thank you again for everyone who responded to the call for input.

A theme common to many of these responses is the way that art, compared with… read more

The ultimate fetishist?

24th March 2022

It’s not often that an erotic artist is prepared to take his passions to the extreme in both art and life, but that’s what today’s new website entry, cross-dressing performance artist Pierre Molinier, achieved. Meet this iconoclast and his work now by clicking here.

Birthday Blog Part 2

17th March 2022

Here is the second instalment of contributions to our request to our followers to let us know what sort of erotic art works best for them. Another thoughtful and illuminating set of responses, including two contributors who, as artists themselves, recognise that much inspiration can be gained from… read more

Free love 1950s style

17th March 2022

Paul Verlaine’s sexy poem cycle Oeuvres Libres has been illustrated many times – today we have a new portfolio from around 1950 by the prolific artist Anon, and quite a good Anon in this case! See this explicit portfolio now by clicking here (and enjoy the sonnet!).

A hippy ahead of his time

16th March 2022

Today’s new artist is the early twentieth century German Hugo Höppener, better known as Fidus (The Faithful One), with his optimistic free-thinking view of the erotic links between the naked body and the elements of nature. Naive or visionary? You decide – see his work now by clicking here.