Home again, home again

2nd July 2022

Home from our hols again, and straight down to a lovely portfolio from the ever-popular Paul-Émile Bécat, his very explicit 1938 illustrations for Une jeune fille à la page. See them all now by clicking here.

Holiday time!

12th June 2022

It’s that time of year again, and Rosie is off on her summer holidays for a couple of weeks. Back in early July – until then you can all spend your time looking at the thousands of lovely pictures you haven’t explored yet! And you can tell all your friends and followers who haven’t found us yet to hotfoot it to honesterotica – they won’t regret it … 

Under the skin

11th June 2022

‘I paint for people who are level-headed but who have an unspoken vice deep inside them.’ This is the Swiss-French painter and printmaker Félix Vallatton, today’s new artist, whose brilliant woodcuts capture bourgeois Parisian life at the fin-de-siècle. See his work now by clicking here.

Visualising violation

10th June 2022

Sexual violence is a contentious and difficult topic, but sometimes art is a powerful and cathartic channel for conveying such experience, which is why today’s new portfolios by the German artist Katharina Kranichfeld are worth spending time with. See her work now by clicking here.

Intimacy in black and white

8th June 2022

The stark, powerful monochrome works of the Polish artist Ewelina Kołakowska are today’s new addition to honesterotica. Dark and sensual, see her etchings and paintings now by clicking here.

Something special for monsieur?

6th June 2022

A little rococo amuse-bouche from 1900 today, a portfolio of twenty vignettes of everyday naughtiness as would have been sold to ‘a discriminating gentleman’ visiting the specialist bookshops in the backstreets of Paris. Enjoy them now by clicking here.

It’s a gay world!

4th June 2022

What a treat today! We are delighted to bring you the colourful and witty gay world of the great Michael Kirwan, whose talent brought to life the variety of intimate encounter and fired the imagination of his many admirers. See his wonderful work now by clicking here.

Earthly paradises?

3rd June 2022

Ghost-like naked women interacting with their surroundings while they explore their animal impulses – that’s the leitmotif of today’s new artist, the Iranian-Belgian Sanam Khatibi. Tender or brutal, romantic or savage? You decide – see her work now by clicking here.

Some enchanted penis …

31st May 2022

It’s always a pleasure to offer a new portfolio by the French artist Paul-Émile Bécat, and today we’ve added his 1950 plates for the magical love story Tanzaï et Néadarné, which includes Tanzaï’s genitals being turned by a fairy into a milk-strainer. See them all by clicking here.

Spicing up the everyday

29th May 2022

An exciting and provocative new artist for you all today – the Slovakian-American Katarina Janečková Walshe with her exuberant explorations of domestic sexuality, not to mention the ever-present bears! See her thought-provoking work now by clicking here.