You have been warned …

3rd March 2023

Today’s new artist is Alessandro Biffignandi, a sex-and-horror comic illustrator enormously popular in his native Italy in the 1970s and 80s, almost unknown elsewhere. Time to change all that! See a great collection of his work now by clicking here.

Telling tales

25th February 2023

Our third new contribution from Louis Berthomme Saint-André today, his early 45 plates for a 1931 edition of Boccaccio’s ribald tales. The eroticism is oblique rather than explicit, but show Saint-André as an already accomplished artist. See them now by clicking here.

Forbidden fruits

23rd February 2023

Bold, expressive and loud – that’s today’s new artist, Ruth Bircham, with her wonderful fleshy, liquid encounters with the ‘forbidden fruits’ of the naked sexual human body. See her amazing work now by clicking here.

All and everything

21st February 2023

We stay with Louis Berthomme Saint-André today, as we have added the lovely rose-tinted line drawings from the 1932 edition of the famously long and detailed My Secret Life by the Englishman known only as Walter. See them all now by clicking here.

Every which way

20th February 2023

Possibly the most widely-reprinted erotic classic of all time, Gamiani is the ultimate threesome fantasy, and today we bring you the no-holds-barred plates to accompany the text by the great Louis Berthomme Saint-André. Orgies don’t come any better! See them now by clicking here.

Staying on top

16th February 2023

It’s always a great pleasure to add a portfolio by one of our favourite artists, and today we bring you André Collot’s 1929 illustrations for Brantôme’s classic Lives of Gallant Ladies (and how they achieved their nefarious goals). See them all now by clicking here.

Stained with sensuality

15th February 2023

It’s not easy to imagine the juxtaposition of stained glass and erotic art, but the combination is beautifully and powerfully realised in the work of the Italian artist Diego Tolomelli. His glowing colours and detailed glass painting can be seen now by clicking here.

It’s all Greek

11th February 2023

On the edges of erotic apart from the very explicit ‘extras’, any new portfolio from the master illustrator Maurice de Becque is worth spending time with, so today we bring you his 1928 Sonnica the Courtesan, a classic tale of love and war. See the whole set now, including the elephants, by clicking here. Enjoy!

Evolution …

9th February 2023

To Argentina today for the enigmatic artist Gigi Amaldi and her erotic True History of the World; yes, sex has always been a central aspect of the way we’ve evolved! See the whole series now by clicking here, and if you can tell us more about Gigi let us know.

Gay’s the word

7th February 2023

Sadly we lost the talented and much-loved gay artist Oliver Frey to cancer in August 2022, but in his memory we offer a great cross-section of his work as today’s new offering at honesterotica. See Bike Boy, The Street and more now by clicking here.