Stages of love …

5th March 2022

A relatively minor but nonetheless interesting new artist for you today, the French illustrator Georges Conrad, with drawings from his sketchbook and the 1935 plates for his only explicitly erotic commission, My Stages of Love. See his work now by clicking here.

An early spanking endeavour

28th February 2022

A strange hybrid on offer today, the French Symbolist artist Henri Caruchet’s 1904 illustrations for Parisienne et Peaux-rouges (Parisiennes and Redskins), the ‘red skin’ being early clickbait for these flagellation narratives. See Caruchet’s work now by clicking here.

Down to earth(iness)

27th February 2022

Some good earthy peasant erotica for you today, in the form of Austrian artist Max Kislinger’s brightly-coloured bookplates. See them now by clicking here, and share the fun! Shameless or what?

Sex, religion and mortality

23rd February 2022

Something very different for you all today, the witty and disturbing photocollages of the Parisian artist Jac-Zap. We don’t as a rule include photography on the website, but these explorations of sex and mortality are true art in every sense. See them now by clicking here.

Challenging convention and censorship

22nd February 2022

Now nearly 90 and still going strong, Dorothy Iannone has been recording her personal erotic odyssey and challenging censorship every inch of the way. See her remarkable and powerful work and read all about her now by clicking here. What a woman!

Stylish Russian erotica

21st February 2022

Today we bring you the stylish drawings of the Russian artist Boris Grigoriev, published in two portfolios in 1918 and 1921. Way ahead of his time in his bold technique, you can see his work now by clicking here.

The ultimate in gay fantasy

20th February 2022

What a treat for you all today – a massive collection of the homoerotic work of the much-too-neglected French artist Gaston Goor. From classical Greece to Mediterranean youth, see it all now by clicking here. And smile 😊

The Art Deco nude and its legacy

19th February 2022

Erté, ‘The father of Art Deco’, is today’s new artist, and you can see his work by clicking here. To what extent he can be considered within the definition of erotic we leave to you to decide; his work has certainly been a turn-on for many over the years!

Pornography or art – the eternal debate

18th February 2022

Today’s new artist is the Spanish Surrealist Jorge Castillo, and his 1972 exploration of the elements of porn in his Pornographisme portfolio. Well worth spending time with. See his work now by clicking here. Enjoy!

A Paris gallery with a novel approach to ‘difficult art’

17th February 2022

As anyone who knows Paris well will be aware, it probably has more art galleries per square kilometre than any other city in the world. So it is a brave individual who chooses to establish something new and different in ‘the city of light’. This, however, is exactly what art lover and… read more