Belles amours

6th February 2024

A stylish and non-controversial amuse-bouche for you all today, Joseph Hémard’s 1935 gallery of famous lovers, in his trademark brightly-stencilled images. But why are only the women naked? Hmm. See them now by clicking here.

Stolen memories

4th February 2024

Today we bring you the fascinating work of Mirza Cizmic, a series of disturbing family scenes whose deviant transgression cuts through a veneer of seemingly normal domesticity. Each painting tells a complex story, but what is the story? See his work now by clicking here.

Anima mundi

2nd February 2024

‘I like playing at the fine border between the moral and immoral, between instinct and sex.’ This is today’s new artist, Romanian Andu Avasilinei, with his ultra-realistic approach to human flesh, imperfections and all. See his powerful work now by clicking here.

Warrior women

1st February 2024

Ghita of Alizarr, Lann and Fey Brith are all warrior woman creations of the master of American comics Frank Thorne, becoming increasingly unclothed and sexually explicit as the artist freed himself from commercial constraints. See the progression now by clicking here.

Relating in the raw

27th January 2024

Nazanin Pouyandeh’s characters in her paintings and drawings, most of them naked, tell wonderful and complex stories about relationship, power, desire, fear and death. What a compelling imagination! See a great collection of her work now by clicking here.

Imagination unlimited

25th January 2024

‘I find nothing fantastic in so-called fantastic art,’ Thomas Häfner wrote of his work. ‘It is an aspect of reality in search of sanity beyond the normal bounds.’ See Häfner’s thought-provoking, often erotically-charged, work now by clicking here.

Small is beautiful

23rd January 2024

Back to the miniature world of bookplates with today’s new artist, the Slovak erotic ex libris maestro Peter Kocák. See an inspiring collection of his work now by clicking here.

Boob tubes

19th January 2024

Erotic art doesn’t come much kinkier and weirder than today’s new portfolio, an amateur breast fantasy from the 1950s. You thought you knew what boob tubes are? Think again. Click here for the correct answer!

Japanese bizarre

17th January 2024

To Japan for today’s new artist, Takato Yamamoto, and his surrealistic and highly detailed works exploring themes of violence, death and sexuality to create unsettling and highly symbolic imagery. See a wide-ranging selection of his trademark art now by clicking here.

Naked beauty

12th January 2024

Today’s new artist is the Armenian-born, French-nationalised Jean Jansem, with his beautiful and sensitively-observed studies of the naked body – airy, transparent, luminous. What a talent! See more than a hundred of his works now by clicking here.