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5th November 2022

A special request to our Russian-speaking friends – we plan to add the St Petersburg artist Mikhail Gavrichkov, especially his 2012 Азбука для Взрослых (ABC for Adults), but we do not have a complete set in both colour and black and white. Can any of you help with scans/photos? If you can, email us at info@honesterotica.com, and we will be eternally grateful!


5th November 2022

Most people who knew the Munich cultural historian Hans-Peter Rasp had no idea what a good artist he was, or that most of his drawings were both erotic and accomplished. Now you can see his imaginative and explicit portfolio by clicking here.

Erotic hippy fantasies

4th November 2022

If dreamy, hippy, doe-eyed 1970s lesbian love is your thing, you will love the early work of today’s new artist, Jean-Pierre Stholl, who couldn’t resist the extended fantasy. Fortunately he grew out of it to produce some even better work! See it all now by clicking here.

She who dominates …

1st November 2022

We debated for a long time whether to include the humiliation oeuvre of Namio Harukawa, eventually bowing to follower pressure to add his trademark femdom drawings. And maybe there is a liberatory feminist/queer rationale – judge for yourself by clicking here.

Weird or what?

31st October 2022

If you like the grotesque and weirdly hysterical aspects of human sexuality, you’ll love the work of today’s new artist, Chicago-based Gregory Jacobsen. If you don’t, look away now! A great selection of his trademark art can be explored by clicking here.

Polish pleasures

30th October 2022

Antoni Uniechowski was probably the best-known Polish illustrator of the 1940s and 50s, but few of his admirers knew his love of creating erotic scenes with his skilled pen and imaginative colouring. Now you can see a wonderful selection of his drawings by clicking here.

Japanese revival

29th October 2022

The Swedish artist Senju (Matti Sandberg) has created the perfect fusion between the Japanese erotic shunga tradition and modern interpretations of the style, with finely-detailed prints to please the eye and arouse the libido. See his work now by clicking here.

Seeing the light

26th October 2022

The Israeli artist Samarel takes the techniques of computer-enhanced art to new heights in the exploration of erotic imagination. In his creations bright liquid flashes of colour integrate with naked bodies, reflecting the passion and energy of good sex. See his work now by clicking here.

Naked in the wild

25th October 2022

It’s very sad that naked has become taboo, and glimpses of ‘forbidden’ body parts the province of porn. Today’s new artist, Susannah Martin, puts the joyful, inquisitive naked body back in its natural environment, where it belongs. See her work now by clicking here.

Oh la la

24th October 2022

Joseph Hémard was the best known French book illustrator of the 1920s and 30s, a prolific and talented artist with an eye for visual wit, a keen social and political awareness – and liked drawing women in deshabille. See his colourful pochoir prints now by clicking here.