In your face

27th August 2023

Explicit sexual depiction or surrealist design elements? Welcome to the world of today’s new artist, Carroll Dunham, and his bold, colourful naked bathers, wrestlers and lovemakers. See his work now by clicking here.

Different universes

25th August 2023

What happens when a much-loved and seemingly asexual cartoon character like Tintin finds himself in an erotic world of scantily-clad women? Welcome to the work of Danish artist Ole Ahlberg, where fantasy and sensuous reality meet on the same canvas – click here to explore!

Original sins?

24th August 2023

If you thought same-sex liaisons, kink and a host of other sexual transgressions were a recent invention, think again! We bring you a hundred of the most explicit sex scenes ever drawn, for a 1797 edition of Sade’s infamous novel Justine. See them now by clicking here.

Queer as they come

16th August 2023

Exploring porn and queerness as a queer lesbian artist is both informative and fascinating, as can be seen in the work of today’s new artist, Kerstin Drechsel. See her thought-provoking paintings and dioramas now by clicking here, and have your imagination stimulated.

Sex and the spiritual-psychedelic

14th August 2023

With a million and a half Instagram followers, the Bay Area artist Alphachanneling is probably the best-known online erotic illustrator today, and we now have the pleasure of bringing you a great selection of his trademark colourful work – just click here. Enjoy!

Drawn to sex

12th August 2023

We have great pleasure today in bringing you a selection of the erotic drawings of one of our favourite artists, Anthony Christian, especially selected for us by Anthony. Enjoy his joyful intimacies and orgiastic encounters now by clicking here.

Genuine pleasures

7th August 2023

Today’s new artist, Frida Castelli, has an enormous online following, and you can see why – her intimate studies of lovers remind us all of the importance of authentic connection, including with our own sexual selves. See her inspirational work now by clicking here.

Come sit on me

6th August 2023

It’s always a pleasure to share a new portfolio by the great Paul-Émile Bécat, and today we bring you the strange tale of a knight turned into a sofa by a wicked fairy, and all the couplings he then witnesses. See Bécat’s trademark erotic etchings now by clicking here.

Pretty boys

5th August 2023

Today’s new artist is the South African born gay painter Philip Swarbrick, with his colourful and energetic images of young men engaging in a wide range of sexual pursuits both gentle and edging on the sadistic. See his work now by clicking here.

It takes all kinds

3rd August 2023

Home from our much-needed holidays, and today bringing you the work of the eclectic American artist Aarron Laidig. Colourful, imaginative, often psychedelic, see his paintings and drawings now by clicking here.