What makes art erotic – for you?

4th January 2022

Honesterotica will shortly be coming up for our fifth birthday, and we’ve come a long way in that time.

We started with just 80 artists; now we have over 340. We started with zero Twitter followers; now we’re well on the way to 10,000. At the beginning we were lucky to have twenty visitors to the… read more

The nature of sex

1st January 2022

The first new artist for a new year is Gérard Gachet – skulls, bones, rocks, shells and reptiles haunt many of his drawings alongside women’s breasts, buttocks and vulvas, the source of life and a subject he found eternally fascinating. See his work now by clicking here.

Black and white humour

30th December 2021

As far as we know the only erotic prints made by the Austrian artist Axl Leskoschek were found in his studio after his death, but his Scherze (Witticisms) are brilliant and imaginative, well worth spending time with – see them now by clicking here.

Beyond taboo …

28th December 2021

An exciting and provocative new artist today; as critic Bruno Richard writes, ‘with Anne van der Linden there is always a sense of horror, but there is also love everywhere, even in the horror’. Love or hate her work, you can’t ignore it – see it now by clicking here.

Ceytaire certainement!

26th December 2021

Today we are pleased to share with you all the colourful, imaginative, thought-provoking world of the Parisian artist Jean-Pierre Ceytaire. If you thought you’d seen every aspect of erotic art the world has to offer, think again! See his work now by clicking here.

Inspiring flights of erotic imagination

23rd December 2021

A very special treat for you all today, the best collection of the works of the Austrian artist Fritz Aigner that you will find anywhere. A consummate technician with a brilliant imagination, see him by clicking here, and be amazed.

Endless pleasure

21st December 2021

The German artist Fritz Janowski is today’s new artist at honesterotica, with his 1919 portfolio Stunden der Liebe – Hours of Love. Typical of the era, but sweet and accomplished nonetheless. See it now by clicking here.

Outrageous or what?

20th December 2021

We’ve just put up a large new batch of the over-the-top drawings and paintings of the iconoclastic Weimar artist George Grosz. If you haven’t already explored his world, now’s the time to be astonished! See his work by clicking here and enjoy …

A single-track imagination?

17th December 2021

There’s absolutely no doubt about what Polish artist Yarek Godfrey liked painting best! He only had one subject, from which he said ‘you die happy and completely lost’. Check his work out now by clicking here, and share his passion.

Climbing the erotic ladder

16th December 2021

Vienna-born Erich Albert Lamm produced an accomplished portfolio of erotic etchings in 1930 and moved to Sweden in 1934. Many thanks to one of our Swedish followers for great biographical information! See his Liebesstufenleiter (Love’s Stepladder) now by clicking here.