Party time!

26th September 2022

Do you have fantasies of scantily-clad orgies in sumptuous settings? Today’s artist, the acclaimed Terry Rodgers, lets us imagine what it might be like in reality, with all its staged posings and deep-seated anxieties. See his amazing canvases now by clicking here.

In praise of older women

24th September 2022

‘I create monumental, weighty bodies, with cellulite and folds of fat, bodies that sit in the middle of the road and demand attention’ – so writes Pam Shields, today’s new artist. Yes indeed, older women’s bodies can be awesome! See her work now by clicking here.

Pornography re-envisioned

23rd September 2022

Jan van Rijn is today’s new artist, with four complete portfolios of his sensuous, thought-provoking work, inspired by porn but reworking the imagery into fine detail and subtle folds. See it all now by clicking here, and be transported …

The diversity of nature

20th September 2022

Vulvas emblazoned with cherry blossoms, roses, butterflies, and irises take their place as wonders of the natural world in Jacqueline Secor’s expressive mixed-media paintings. See them now by clicking here and be amazed!

Ferociously voluptuous, joyfully sensual

19th September 2022

Today’s new artist is Lulu Amere, whose painting is a breath of fresh air in a world seeking itself, a sensuous delight that leaves us with a smile on our face. Her work is an art of seduction – she paints to seduce herself, and thereby to seduce us. See Lulu’s work now by clicking here.

Role reversal

16th September 2022

A witty, outspoken, iconoclastic new artist for you today, New York based Alexandra Rubinstein with her in-your-face canvases of men and sex from a female perspective. She paints what you don’t dare to imagine! See her work now by clicking here.

All you need is love

12th September 2022

It has taken us a while to source the two rare late-1960s portfolios of the French artist Raymond Bertrand, but we are now delighted to present all 200+ of his psychedelic drawings and paintings. My goodness it takes you back! See them all now by clicking here.

Customer satisfaction

11th September 2022

An exciting new addition today, the talented French erotic comic artist Olaf Boccère, including his well-known Chambre 121 exploits of a hotel receptionist looking after the sexual requirements of his clients. See a comprehensive selection of his work now by clicking here.

Orgies and exhibitionists

10th September 2022

Another talented but almost forgotten French illustrator today, Michel Siméon with his two colourful and explicit 1961 contributions to the erotic classics Nuits d’Orgie and Cécile. See them all now by clicking here.

Chez Madame Blanche

9th September 2022

A sweet pair of hand-painted portfolios for you today from an unknown amateur French artist, made around 1910. Clearly for ‘personal use’, they make up in imagination what they lack in artistic skill! Enjoy Madame Blanche’s Establishment for Girls now by clicking here.