Gamiani – a detective story

9th December 2022

Anyone familiar with erotic literature will know that the story of Gamiani, first published in 1833, is one of the classics of the genre, explicit, imaginative and amusing. It is also one of the most frequently illustrated, and we include more than a dozen illustrated versions here on the website. … read more

Song of Songs

9th December 2022

A new portfolio today from one of our all-time favourite artists, the master engraver Alméry Lobel-Riche – it’s his 1947 plates for the biblical Song of Songs. Classic Lobel-Riche. See them now by clicking here, and join in the song of love!

Women are powerful, and a bit scary!

8th December 2022

Compared with the amount of in-your-face art featuring rampant male genitalia, depictions of the female equivalent are rare. In Caroline Sury’s hand, though, pen and ink offer a powerful collection of women taking delight in showing us everything they have down below. See her work now by clicking here.

A mystery solved

7th December 2022

So it turns out that the enigmatic ‘Maurice Charroux’, who illustrated a series of erotic texts in the 1960s, was actually the well-known Dutch comic artist Georges Mazure, operating under a pseudonym, and you can see his work now by clicking here. Many thanks to one of our wonderful followers for spotting the connection!

Explicit education

1st December 2022

Sometimes it’s a pleasure to find a new portfolio from one of our all-time favourite illustrators; this morning it’s a 1934 collection by the prolific Luc Lafnet for Histoires Raides – ‘Robust Tales for Young Girls’. See it now by clicking here, and be educated!

Style and sensuality

30th November 2022

We have great pleasure in bringing you no fewer than four erotic portfolios by the talented Russian-born artist Vania Zouravliov, including his illustrations for the classics Gamiani and Eveline. Much wonderful work to see, all available now by clicking here.

Etched on the imagination

29th November 2022

Today’s new artist is the Czech designer of banknotes, stamps, and some brilliant erotica – Oldřich Kulhánek. One of the master engravers of recent decades, see his work now by clicking here.

Rich fantasy worlds

27th November 2022

Eroticism, history, current affairs, mythology and dreams create a rich mixture in the work of today’s new artist, the young and vibrant Manhattan-based Sara Jackson. Full of life and potent symbolism (not to mention penises), see her work now by clicking here.

Naked reality

26th November 2022

Today’s new artist, Jean Rustin, wasn’t afraid to explore the corporality of the human body and the unbeautified, unsanitised aspects of nakedness. His depictions of sex are a more honest introduction than any number of classical nudes. See his work now by clicking here.

Where it all started

24th November 2022

For those of you who wonder how a great idea turns into reality, here’s the germ of the idea for the honesterotica website as drafted on a single sheet of A4 in December 2016. From little acorns … thank you to you all for helping us grow into a mighty oak! Kisses from Rosie and the gang xxx