Sex, creation, politics …

17th April 2022

Ulf Rahmberg is an important, innovative, thought-provoking artist who deserves to be much better known beyond his native Sweden. He often uses overtly sexual metaphors to convey his artistic and political ideas, which you can explore now by clicking here. Be provoked!

Who is this ‘hot nights’ artist?

16th April 2022

Can you help us solve the mystery of Marc Vincent and his 1960s ‘hot nights’ illustrations? We’re pretty sure it’s a pseudonym, but such an accomplished artist must have done more work. Have a look at his work by clicking here, and see what you think.

Vive l’érotisme!

14th April 2022

A too-little-known Frenchwoman, Henriette Bellair, is today’s new artist. In the 1940s and 50s she illustrated several of the best-known erotic classics; you can see her accomplished work now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Imaginative edginess

13th April 2022

Today’s new artist features the powerful, experimental and often transgressive work of the Paris-based artist Eric Ecrement, better known to his online following as Rajah Foo. Prepare to be excited, and possibly disturbed, as you visit his work by clicking here.

A rare honesterotica presentation!

12th April 2022

For anyone planning to visit Erotic Arts London at the end of this month, honesterotica's Saturday 30th April presentation at 12 noon is ‘The Importance of Transgressive Art: testing the erotic limits of human experience and sensual self-knowledge’. Hope to see some of you there! For more details and booking, click here.

American erotica sardonica

11th April 2022

Today’s new artist is the American Mahlon Blaine, who the writer Gershon Legman called ‘the only American artist to produce an important erotic album’. He was referring to Blaine’s remarkable 1929 Venus Sardonica, which you can see with more of his work by clicking here.

Naked women fighting!

10th April 2022

A century ahead of his time, the French painter, engraver and caricaturist Jean Veber had the talent, the imagination and the courage to depict erotic subjects that others only imagined or kept to themselves – today’s new artist, see his work now by clicking here.

A little French undressing

9th April 2022

A small but perfectly formed 1945 portfolio for you today from today’s new artist, the French painter Daniel Rouvière. Just a pity he didn’t do more in the same vein. See it now by clicking here.

Druuna ahoy!

7th April 2022

Another master of Italian comic-book art for you all today, with a comprehensive look at Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri’s perfect-woman SF fantasy creation Druuna. See her now in every (im)possible situation and from every possible angle by clicking here.

Holy shit!

1st April 2022

Today we bring you the social satire, cultural commentary and black humour of Berlin-based Reinhard Scheibner, exploring the depths of humanity to its taboo and darkly comic extremes. You have been warned! It’s all to be found by clicking here. Enjoy!