Hard feelings

3rd July 2023

Naked bodies and raw emotions – these are the themes of today’s new artist, Brooklyn-based Heather Benjamin. Her clearly autobiographical works succeed in encouraging us to question what being a woman in the art world today is all about. See her work now by clicking here.

Ink is still my blood …

2nd July 2023

One of our most visited artists is the remarkable Apollonia Saintclair, and today we bring you her latest volume of Ink is My Blood, the sixth and last collection of her thought-provoking drawings. See them now by clicking here. Where will she take us next?

Your favourites, Part 5 (and last)

1st July 2023

Welcome to the last of our ‘five favourite images’ blog posts, celebrating the goal of reaching 500 artists whose erotic work is now available on the honesterotica website (in fact 515 already!). This time it’s from our French friend Benjamin, who has already contributed his thoughts on what erotic… read more

Ich bin ein Berliner …

30th June 2023

Today’s new artist is the too-little-known Berlin painter Richard Wittmann, documenting the dalliances of his fellow citizens in the 1910s and 20s. Enjoy the exuberant colour and life in his works by clicking here.


29th June 2023

Another artist reclaiming a woman’s right to claim her own sexuality is the Canadian Nikki Peck, and today we bring you a great selection of her distinctive in-your-face Bonercandy artwork. See her work now by clicking here.

Your favourites, Part 4

27th June 2023

Another set of favourite images, from Cees in The Netherlands.

Now you have just a few days to tell us about your favourites, so choose them today and head for the information about how to send your contribution, which you’ll find here.

Cees writes, ‘What I expect from erotic illustrations is… read more

Innocence and longing

27th June 2023

Young love and sensuality, with all its joy and heartbreak, is the theme of today’s new artist, Jana Brike. Her naked and scantily-clad women often bear the scars of their journey, but still dance. Enjoy spending time with Jana’s work now by clicking here.

A bit tied up

25th June 2023

Japanese traditional tattoo, irezumi, and erotic rope bondage, kinbaku, are the twin themes of today’s new artist, the renowned Kaname Ozuma. See more than two hundred of his remarkable paintings now by clicking here.

A friendly kick up the a***

22nd June 2023

Come on folks, we want to hear from you about your favourite images, and you’ve got just a week left to tell us. Don’t just be a passive consumer, be an active participant! Click here now for full instructions, and get choosing and writing. Do it today x (special kiss from Rosie).

Don’t know what got into me …

21st June 2023

Today’s new artist is London-based Polly Nor, with her trademark paintings of women and their demons, sometimes malign but often friendly and supportive. You can see a great selection of Polly’s work now by clicking here. Enjoy!