Yes – more Sardax!

15th August 2021

We had an enormously positive response from adding Sardax’s artwork to the site; now we can add to your pleasure with all the illustrations from his landmark, now almost impossible to find, 2006 The Art of Sardax. See all 78 wonderful images here. Enjoy!

Love à la Bécat

12th August 2021

Two new portfolios today from Paul-Émile Bécat, both illustrating novels by René Boylesve, but from opposite ends of Bécat’s career – the perfume of love on an Italian lake and the lovely Ninon learning her lessons in a park. That makes forty Bécat portfolios on the site! Enough yet?

The wonders of sex

11th August 2021

Today we have a fascinating insight into Eric Gill’s 1920s explorations into the art and mechanics of sex through his sketchbooks, conveniently hidden until after his death – see some of his wonderings and imaginings now by clicking here.

A portfolio named Desire

10th August 2021

A passionate, varied – and very red! – portfolio called Desire from today’s new artist, the Hungarian Istvan Prihoda. They’re enjoying themselves, we hope you do too. See his colourful paintings now by clicking here.

Classic Székely

9th August 2021

Good morning all you Székely lovers! No fewer than three new Alex Székely portfolios for you today – Mythologies, Gulliver, and the colourful pastel sequence Poème d’automne, which is here. What a treat!

Ultimate sexual freedom?

8th August 2021

Today’s new artist is Eberhard Schlotter, and his dark painterly engravings for Sade’s Philosophy in the Boudoir, a tale of libertine adventure where anything and everything sexual is permissible. See Schlotter’s work now by clicking here.

Woman to woman

7th August 2021

With a little help from our friends, we’ve managed to complete the portfolios for May den Engelsen, powerful images of lesbian intimacy from the 1920s. See them all now here. A woman ahead of her time.

Sex and death

6th August 2021

Today we have added three important portfolios for the French surrealist André Masson, including his powerful engravings for his close friend Georges Bataille’s famous transgressive stories Histoire de l’oeil (Story of the Eye) and Le mort (The Dead Man). They can be seen here. Be moved …

A little French dressing?

5th August 2021

Two new portfolios today from the stylish French illustrator Sylvain Sauvage – the Parisian demi-monde of a young man’s experiences of Parisian hotels, which you can see here, and Love Lessons in a Park, which are here. Lose yourself in an erotic French setting!

The one and only Sardax

4th August 2021

The one so many of you have been waiting for, considered by many to be the world’s best-known contemporary illustrators of female dominance. Yes, Sardax comes to honesterotica, with many great examples of his work – see them all now by clicking here.