Southern comfort

11th October 2022

We continue our celebration of black history month with the lively, colourful paintings of southern US artist Georgia Speller, for whom good sex was an integral part of a good and fulfilling life. See her work now by clicking here.

Oh Casanova!

10th October 2022

Forward to 1850 today, with German artist Julius Nisle’s plates for a quickly-supressed translation of Casanova’s amatory exploits. Maybe a little tame now, but certainly not then! See them all now by clicking here.

Men in dresses anyone?

9th October 2022

All the way back to 1787 today, and some of the earliest illustrations on the site – Claude-Louis Desrais’ erotic plates. As so often, priests were up to no good, plus the earliest known depictions of cross-dressing for sexual gratification. See them all now by clicking here.

Après la guerre

8th October 2022

In post-WW2 Paris the quality of available paper may have been poor, but crude wit and fertile imagination still managed to find an outlet in today’s bawdy new portfolio. See the 1947 69 Chansons illustrations now by clicking here.

A château somewhere near Paris …

7th October 2022

It isn’t often that one classic of erotic fiction provides the main inspiration for a talented artist for more than forty years, but The Story of O has done just that for Stefan Prince. See his powerful interpretations of this groundbreaking novel now by clicking here.

Big is beautiful

5th October 2022

If large breasts give you enormous pleasure, whether flaunting or admiring them, today’s new artist is a real treat. The Sicilian Aurelio Pernice – Aurè – shares his colourful world of voluptuous Mediterranean fantasy. See his work now by clicking here. Have fun!

Sexual politics

4th October 2022

October is black history month, and we have pleasure bringing you the first of several important black artists, the Kenyan Michael Soi, with his colourful paintings of modern urban African life – with a social and political undertow. See his work now by clicking here.

The real deal

1st October 2022

Forget boring and predictable porn photos – today’s artist, the Finn Apinadump (Finnish for Apeshit) has an authentic and up-close take on what sex is really like. See his wonderfully sensual, passionate work now by clicking here. A participant, or just an involved voyeur?

Sex and mortality

29th September 2022

We’re staying with Japan today, sharing the detailed miniature sex-and-death bookplate etchings of master Tokyo printmaker Seiji Kamachi. Memento mori anyone? See them all now by clicking here, and ponder the meaning of it all.

The stuff of nightmares

27th September 2022

Today we have great pleasure in bringing you the great Toshio Saeki’s trademark erotic works, incorporating elements of humour, gore, satire and Japanese folklore. What a fertile imagination! See his colourful, scary drawings and prints now by clicking here.