The case of the disappearing illustrator

7th January 2023

Who was Renée Ringel, illustrator of two dozen books in the 1940s and 50s? We have found nothing at all about this mystery woman, but today bring you four of her sweet, gently titillating portfolios, all to be seen by clicking here. Can you help solve the enigma?

This strange thing called sex

3rd January 2023

The first new artist of 2023 is the radical Russian cartoonist Mikhail Zlatkovsky, with his witty and acerbic take on the strange ways in which humans participate in sex. See his wonderful work now by clicking here, and the best possible new year to you all!

Not the only one …

28th December 2022

From time to time we hear from an artist manqué who is so pleased and relieved to have found us that they are moved to write and express their gratitude. They’re not the only person in the world who longs for an intelligent and sensitive version of intimacy and eroticism.

So it was that Dave from… read more

Every which way

27th December 2022

There’s nothing like a bit of self-promotion, and today’s new artist, Jean-Frédéric Maximilien de Waldeck, was brilliant at it. In 1856 he shocked Paris with his ‘discovery’ of Raimondi’s lost ‘sexual positions’ classical drawings – now you can see them all by clicking here (and may you too live to be 109!).

Ho ho ho!

25th December 2022

Wishing everyone a content and peaceful midwinter holiday, with just the right balance of excitement and relaxation. Thank you all for your continuing support! With love and kisses from Rosie (painting by Kirill Fadeyev, our newest addition).

Hope and glory

23rd December 2022

It feels particularly appropriate to introduce today’s new artist, the talented and creative Ukrainian Kirill Fadeyev, imagining a world of beauty and pleasure. See his work now by clicking here, and share his vision.

A mystery artist – can you help?

16th December 2022

‘Renée Ringel’ is a French artist who illustrated several erotic titles in the 1940s and 50s, including Ovid, Boccaccio and the Claudine novels. It’s clearly the pseudonym of a reasonably talented artist, but beyond that we know nothing ... do you? All leads and ideas gratefully received.

Miniature mistresspieces

16th December 2022

Small is sometimes very beautiful! The exquisite enamels of British artist Geraldine Swayne capture the essence of sensuality and risqué pleasure in suggestive minimalism. See her work now by clicking here – and imagine!

Heaven or hell?

12th December 2022

Today we give you a rare opportunity to imagine the western tradition of erotic art seen through the lens of a skilled Chinese artist. In Eden, Li Xiaoxuan offers a vision of paradise in which Eve’s naked beauty is ignored by a materialist world – see the whole portfolio by clicking here.

Gamiani – a detective story

9th December 2022

Anyone familiar with erotic literature will know that the story of Gamiani, first published in 1833, is one of the classics of the genre, explicit, imaginative and amusing. It is also one of the most frequently illustrated, and we include more than a dozen illustrated versions here on the website. … read more