Naked rules

18th January 2022

Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, better known simply as Colette, was a woman way ahead of her time. In 1938, after a controversial career as a writer and performer, she wrote an essay on nakedness entitled Nudité, to which Carlègle added appropriate drawings. You can see them now by clicking here.

Shunga Shunga!

15th January 2022

Today’s new artist is New York-based Jeff Faerber, with his amazing modern takes on the traditional Japanese erotic genre of Shunga art. Take your time with his work, it’s worth it! See his Shunga – together with his paintings of real women – now by clicking here.

Chagrin d’amour

14th January 2022

After the excitements of the last few days, we hope we’re back in uncontroversial territory with today’s new portfolio – the great Marcel Vertès’ 1929 illustrations for Colette’s semi-autobiographical novel Chéri. See his trademark drawings now by clicking here.

We’re back …

12th January 2022

It would appear that Twitter had decided, probably on the basis of an honesterotica follower alert, that our header images were in breach of ‘violating our rules against graphic violence or adult content in profile images’. So for the time being Rosie has decided that her naked breasts are inappropriate, and has bought herself a very fetching blue polka dot bikini. We hope you approve.

Twitter at it again …

12th January 2022

As you will all know and (we hope) appreciate, what we include on the honesterotica website covers the whole gamut of what we consider to be a balanced and thoughtful artistic response to human experience included in the concept of ‘erotic’. We are very aware that not all we include will be to everyone’s taste, and that it is inevitable that some of what we include will be in the borderlands of the conventionally transgressive. However, unless there is a compelling context we will never include imagery that concentrates on deliberate and non-consensual violence or torture.

It appears that the honesterotica Twitter account is currently locked as a result of one or more of our followers objecting to the posting of Stu Mead’s work here. In response, we are clear that Stu’s work has as much right to be seen and considered as that of other ‘transgressive’ artists who have included children in their work, from Hans Bellmer and Albert Dubout to Melinda Gebbie and Anne van der Linden. If, as well as just looking at Mead’s paintings, you read the text accompanying the portfolios, especially the critique of his fellow artist Lenka Klodová, we hope you will understand why we believe that an informed and balanced discussion of the role of art in exploring adolescent sexuality is more important than blanket censorship of an artist’s work.

We have, as before, appealed against Twitter’s unilateral suspension without notice, and hope the account will be restored very soon. In the meantime we respect your right to have your say about anything we include on the honesterotica website. We just ask you in return to respect our judgement and integrity.

If you would like to get in touch with us with your considered thoughts about our editorial choices and decisions, remember that you can always email us at

Sex education

12th January 2022

It’s not surprising that the response to Stu Mead’s work, today’s new artist, is strongly polarised. Are paintings of young girls exploring their sexuality an important and vital exploration, or simply obscene? See his work now by clicking here, and decide for yourself.

Ultimate originality

10th January 2022

In 1986 a Washington Post editorial described Brad Holland as ‘the undisputed star of American illustration’, and today we have pleasure in bringing you a selection of his iconic Playboy drawings from that exciting period. See them now by clicking here. Enjoy!


9th January 2022

An original and exciting new artist for you today, the bold and courageous Kitty Brophy, with her midnight black, blinding white and blood red drawings of naked fully-sexed bodies, confident and empowered. See her work now by clicking here – and feel the force!

A scandal in Berlin

7th January 2022

Today’s new artist is Charlotte Berend, who in 1919 created a daring portfolio of drawings, which was immediately censored, of the sensational exotic dancer Anita Berber. Now you can see them all by clicking here, and imagine the scandal they (and Anita Berber) created.

Ah Denisse!

6th January 2022

Get ready to have your concept of the erotic stretched to the limit with today’s new artist, the Mexican cartoonist and illustrator Héctor Stanisłao de la Garza Batorski, better known as Eko. Join the beautiful Denisse in her wild adventures by clicking here. Enjoy!