These young doctors …

20th October 2022

Another of those sets of French medical students’ rude songbook illustrations today, this from 1950 and the reclusive artist Raoul-Roger Ballet. Only a bit rude, but quite fun. See them now by clicking here.

Dreaming on

19th October 2022

Continuing our celebration of black history week, we bring you Henry Speller, artist and blues guitarist from Memphis, Tennessee, with his colourful fantasies of unattainable women. See his unmistakable work now by clicking here.

The reality of flesh

18th October 2022

Something very special and a bit different today, the powerful work of the British artist Jenny Saville, whose 1992 painting Propped is the most expensive painting by a living women artist ever sold. Just £9.5 million! Is it erotic? It’s most definitely honest. See her work now by clicking here.

A fine slip of a girl

17th October 2022

It’s always a pleasure to add a new Paul-Émile Bécat portfolio to the site, and so today we bring you his 1959 plates for The Beautiful Alsace Girl, a rollicking eighteenth century romance with just enough naked flesh – click here to see them.

Bawdy or what?

15th October 2022

A colourfully-illustrated collection of bawdy French songs from 1970 for you today; these Chansons de Salles de Garde (Duty-room Songs) have been popular among young (yes, mostly male) hospital interns for many decades. Enjoy them now by clicking here.

Totally naked

14th October 2022

Caroline Westerhout’s painting Totally Naked includes the words ‘This is not about sex! I repeat not!’, emphasising that the naked body is so much more than sexy eroticism; hers is a way relating to nakedness as a far deeper experience. See her work now by clicking here.

All you need … ?

13th October 2022

A taste of the psychedelic 1970s with today’s artist, the American John Boyce, and his illustrations to accompany Anaïs Nin’s erotic works. Their collaboration, Aphrodisiac, has all the hallmarks of the time, frizzy hair, pouty lips and all. See them now by clicking here.

Sealed with a loving painting

12th October 2022

What would you give for a great lover who was also a brilliantly talented artist able to seal your lust with amazing drawings and paintings of your shared intimacy? Try today’s artist, Harry Carmean, who we lost only last year at the amazing age of 99. See his work here.

Southern comfort

11th October 2022

We continue our celebration of black history month with the lively, colourful paintings of southern US artist Georgia Speller, for whom good sex was an integral part of a good and fulfilling life. See her work now by clicking here.

Oh Casanova!

10th October 2022

Forward to 1850 today, with German artist Julius Nisle’s plates for a quickly-supressed translation of Casanova’s amatory exploits. Maybe a little tame now, but certainly not then! See them all now by clicking here.