Transgression in spades

30th August 2021

An important and powerful new artist for you all today, the Uruguayan Javier Gil, who in the late 1990s produced remarkable illustrations for transgressive texts by Sade, Bataille and Duras. No fewer than five portfolios for you to enjoy, see them all here.

Full-on sex …

29th August 2021

Back to 1920s Germany for today’s new artist, Curt Grosspietsch. He made just two portfolios, the second repeating much of the first, but there are some powerful images of wellspring cunts, and of cocks on the rampage – click here to see them. Enjoy!

Simple pleasures

28th August 2021

Rustic delights from the mid-19th century by French artist Victor Adam is today’s new portfolio. So very innocent! See them all here, and remember the simple pleasures of life.

A one-night stand and lots of spanking

26th August 2021

Today’s new illustrator is the talented and versatile French artist Léo Fontan. He didn’t produce much explicitly erotic work, but what he did was very good and well worth knowing. See what you think – his work can be found here.

Boney’s conquests

24th August 2021

The historian Frédéric Masson credited Napoleon Bonaparte with fifty-eight sexual conquests, and his generals followed his lead. Today’s new artist, Célestin Nanteuil, used his imagination to show them all hard at work, which you can see here. Enjoy!

I don’t know what got into me

19th August 2021

Sex and devilry in today’s new portfolio, Diabolico Foutro-Manie, an 1835 collection from Achille Devéria. Is ‘they made me do it’ the ultimate excuse? See all the little imps here.

The great J.M.W. comes to honesterotica

18th August 2021

Today’s new artist may surprise you, it’s none other than the great Joseph Mallord William Turner, he of the Temeraire and watery Venice. But his many sketchbooks also demonstrate his abiding interest in things more corporal – see some of this work now by clicking here.

The artists known as Anon

17th August 2021

A feast of new work today from the great Anon – erotic fairy tales from 1909 here, frolics in the woods from 1920 here, and the late 1950s explorations of a woman of the world here. Have fun!

A 1910 manual of positions

16th August 2021

Today’s new portfolio is a sweet collection of watercolours from 1910 by Peter Geiger, even more compelling than his printed portfolio of a year or so later. A sort of Joy of Sex but a century earlier! See them now by clicking here.

Yes – more Sardax!

15th August 2021

We had an enormously positive response from adding Sardax’s artwork to the site; now we can add to your pleasure with all the illustrations from his landmark, now almost impossible to find, 2006 The Art of Sardax. See all 78 wonderful images here. Enjoy!