Full of promise

21st May 2023

An intimate 1902 encounter with a very pregnant young woman is the basis for today’s new portfolio – Anna, the Pregnant Sweetheart, by the unexpectedly talented small-town Austrian writer and artist Franz Hirmann. See his whole story now by clicking here.

Getting closer

20th May 2023

Beautiful, colourful, rich, erotic – all describe the ‘closer’ paintings of today’s new artist, the South African-born, Amsterdam-based Ina van Zyl, who shows us her world, including the bits generally considered sexual but in her art something more – see her work now by clicking here.

500 artists! Tell us your favourites …

19th May 2023

The addition of Eric Fischl’s work brings us to a new milestone in honesterotica’s evolution – there are now five hundred artists on the website! Still lots more to come of course, but it’s definitely an achievement worth celebrating.

Conceived just six years ago, honesterotica has become the… read more

Exciting or plain embarrassing?

18th May 2023

The American ‘suburban’ artist Eric Fischl is today’s new offering. While his best-known erotic paintings date from the 1980s, he is still exploring the embarrassed nakedness of modern society and its strange art scene. Explore his work now by clicking here.

Skin in the game

17th May 2023

Eclectic, prolific, imaginative, talented – that’s today’s new artist, Anthony Christian, whose career spans more than half a century. We bring you an enormous collection of his explicitly erotic work by clicking here. Lots to see and enjoy!


14th May 2023

By popular demand, today we bring you the sexy nymphs and satyrs of Mark Blanton’s Satyromania. Sadly we learned recently that Mark is no longer with us, but his art lives on – see it all now by clicking here.

Telling tales

13th May 2023

Jean Traynier’s first erotic commission came in 1945, when he was asked to illustrate a privately-published edition of La Fontaine’s more risqué tales, Le tableau suivi d’autres contes (The Painting, together with Other Tales). Now you can see them all by clicking here.

Behind closed shutters

12th May 2023

We’re back, with lots of new artwork to share in the coming months! We start with Volets clos (Closed Shutters), a remarkable anonymous French portfolio of explicit etchings from 1933. You thought kink was a recent invention? Think again. See them all by clicking here.

A short intermission …

19th April 2023

Letting you know that Rosie and #honesterotica are taking a well-earned three week break, as we’re welcoming an old flame from the US of A to Britain for her very first visit to our lovely country (and she’s no spring chicken!). We’ll be back mid-May with some great new artists …

Missing pussy …

18th April 2023

What does a poet do when called up for war and madly missing his new lover? If it’s Guillaume Apollinaire, you write passionate sexy poems to the object of your obsession, and half a century later have them illustrated by a great artist who understands – see this new Vertès portfolio now by clicking here.