A complex gay pioneer

16th February 2022

Jean Boullet was a man ahead of his time. Openly gay, leather-clad, with a taste for the bizarre and gothic, he would not be out of place in one of Paris’s gay bars today. He proclaimed himself ‘an artist of male beauty’, and you can see his work now by clicking here.

Cherchez les femmes …

9th February 2022

We’re now just two weeks from the deadline for you telling us all about the qualities of erotic art that you find particularly appealing, and we’ve had some fascinating responses. But ... so far nothing from our wonderful (but silent) women followers. We can’t believe you don’t have important and useful things to say about your response to erotic illustrations. So get those brains whirring and fingers tapping. Click here for more details, and write to us today at info@honesterotica.com. We can’t wait!

150 years old, but very modern!

8th February 2022

Albert Hendschel was Germany’s best-known illustrator for half a century from 1870, but not many knew about his erotic output. What little of it has survived is now on the website here – it includes a happy foursome, and a number of dildos and strap-ons.

Décor with an erotic twist …

7th February 2022

Best known as one of the great masters of the Art Nouveau poster, we have great pleasure today in bringing you Henri Privat-Livemont’s more explicitly erotic side, including the most amazing genitally-themed boudoir decorations. See his work now by clicking here.

Nineteenth-century Parisian frissons

5th February 2022

Back to the nineteenth century today, with some rather suggestif engravings from Paul Gavarni, probably the best known and popular Parisian illustrator of his time. Relatively innocent maybe, but consent not very high on the agenda … See his work now by clicking here.

A fabulous erotic cabaret comes to town!

4th February 2022

A talented painter with an instantly-recognisable realist style and attention to detail, today’s new artist is David Delamare and his wonderful fantasy cabaret portfolio Animerotics. Remarkable art from an original imagination! See the whole set now by clicking here.

Freeing the Swiss imagination

3rd February 2022

Many ‘conventional’ illustrators had to keep their erotic output secret in order to maintain their livelihood; none more so than today’s artist, the Swiss Marcel Vidoudez, whose stash of watercolours was found after his death. Now we can share them here.

A very French way of looking at sex …

27th January 2022

Today we bring you the work of one of the great French cartoon artists, Alex Varenne. Though his views on women leave something to be desired, there is no denying his artistic skills and originality. See his work now by clicking here.

The inimitable R. Crumb

21st January 2022

Here’s the one so many of you have been waiting for, the inimitable cartoonist Robert Crumb. From his over-the-top 1968 Snatch to his 2009 version of Adam and Eve, via My Troubles with Women, see a telling cross-section of his work now by clicking here. Enjoy!

A gay pioneer

19th January 2022

Quietly courageous and infinitely imaginative – that’s today’s new artist, Marcus Behmer, who in the 1930s created some of the most beautiful (and now the rarest) of homoerotic art. See his work now by clicking here, and be humbled and inspired.