Real naked people …

20th July 2022

We have had Riccardo Mannelli’s paintings on the site for a while, but we have now added a large portfolio of his drawings, all in his inimitable style, making us think hard about what makes bodies, especially naked ones, so infinitely fascinating. See them all by clicking here.

Drawn into darkness

19th July 2022

If you like the dark borders between sexuality and the occult, you’ll love the work of the Chilean artist Cristóbal López, better known to his followers as Kerbcrawlerghost. Today we bring you his best work, from the pages of Drawn into Darkness – to see them all just click here.

Queer as they come

16th July 2022

Today we bring you the sensuous, colourful world of a talented queer Polish artist, Juliusz Lewandowski. Honest and tender, inventive and questioning, his work cannot fail to make you smile – and to think carefully about gender. See his paintings now by clicking here.

Well hello, sailor!

15th July 2022

With the help of one of our lovely American followers, we have now been able to source all 29 Jean Cocteau illustrations for the 1947 edition of Genet’s Querelle de Brest, plus many related drawings. You can see all of Cocteau’s shamelessly gay fantasies by clicking here.

No holds barred

13th July 2022

Addiction, longing, desire, loneliness, violence and sexuality are the themes of German artist Otto Lackenmacher’s etchings and paintings. Especially sexuality! See this original and highly talented artist’s work now by clicking here, and be inspired.

Ex libris eroticis

8th July 2022

Ex libris or bookplates are eagerly sought by collectors, and in recent years there has been a definite trend towards erotic subjects. Today’s new artist, Cornelis Labots, was brilliant at portraying the naked body in woodcut; see his ex libris now by clicking here.

Anyone for cards?

7th July 2022

Adding the inimitable Sylvie Jones’ A Wicked Pack of playing cards completes all the erotic work she produced for the Erotic Print Society in the 1990s. See the whole titillating set now by clicking here.

A gallery of erotism

5th July 2022

Something a little different today – a large portfolio published in Paris in 1935 containing works by nearly fifty artists, all under the category of ‘Erotism’. Erring on the safe side, the collection nevertheless includes many striking images – see them all now by clicking here.

Oh, Walter!

4th July 2022

Another colourful and imaginative erotic portfolio by Louis Berthomme Saint-André today, his 1932 illustrations for My Secret Life by the enigmatic and verbose Victorian sexual explorer ‘Walter’. What didn’t Walter get up to? See the whole series now by clicking here.

Was there ever more explicit erotic poetry?

3rd July 2022

‘Cunt as wide as an estuary/Where my love’s seed often died’ – the French poet Apollinaire was one of the greatest ever erotic writers, and the 1934 illustrations for his collected works by Louis Berthomme Saint-André are just brilliant. See them all now by clicking here.