French frolics

22nd March 2023

Subtly titillating rather than explicitly erotic, that’s today’s new portfolio from the French artist Gaston Barret. It’s his 1952 illustrations to Jean de La Fontaine’s ever-so-slightly-naughty seventeenth-century tales. See them all now by clicking here.

Consensuality …

21st March 2023

Today’s new artist, the Swiss nonogenarian Boris Vansier, raises many contemporary issues around consent and artist-model relationships with his Offrandes (Offerings). Made over a remarkable seventy years, you can see his thought-provoking work now by clicking here.

Our own little world

15th March 2023

The closed eyes and tight embraces of Nicoletta Tomás Caravía’s lovers demonstrate how sensual passion can sometimes be all-consuming. Today’s new artist, you can see Nicoletta’s lovers now by clicking here.


11th March 2023

Pierre Louÿs’ Les chansons de Bilitis, a tale of young lesbian love in ancient Greece, is one of the most successful literary frauds of all time, and one of the most-illustrated of French erotic texts. Today we add Gaston Barret – lots of nubile pinkness which you can see by clicking here.

Dwellers all in time and space

10th March 2023

Today’s new artist, the Canadian Mat Brown, takes nothing less than all of time and space as his creative inspiration, producing breathtaking and vividly-coloured images full of thought-provoking detail. See his remarkable work now by clicking here.

Try this at home …

8th March 2023

Today’s new artist is the American Robert Baxter, and his 1976 drawings for Xaviera Hollander’s bestselling Supersex. At the time very daring, it encouraged many to experiment more with their love lives. See all his ‘exquisitely erotic’ illustrations by clicking here.

Mummy mia!

6th March 2023

Ancient Egypt comes to the fore in today’s new portfolio by the Croatian artist Milivoj Uzelac. It’s his 1947 illustrations for Théophile Gautier’s novel about the mummy of Tahoser, a beautiful – and sexually precocious – young princess. Enjoy them now by clicking here.

You have been warned …

3rd March 2023

Today’s new artist is Alessandro Biffignandi, a sex-and-horror comic illustrator enormously popular in his native Italy in the 1970s and 80s, almost unknown elsewhere. Time to change all that! See a great collection of his work now by clicking here.

Telling tales

25th February 2023

Our third new contribution from Louis Berthomme Saint-André today, his early 45 plates for a 1931 edition of Boccaccio’s ribald tales. The eroticism is oblique rather than explicit, but show Saint-André as an already accomplished artist. See them now by clicking here.

Forbidden fruits

23rd February 2023

Bold, expressive and loud – that’s today’s new artist, Ruth Bircham, with her wonderful fleshy, liquid encounters with the ‘forbidden fruits’ of the naked sexual human body. See her amazing work now by clicking here.