Fairy tales

16th October 2023

We’re delighted today to bring you the remarkable work of this year’s worthy winner of Erotic Arts London, the erotic fairies of the Sardinian artist Simone Pinna. See and be drawn into the fairy realm as you’ve never seen it before by clicking here.

Filthy lucre

13th October 2023

Today we have great pleasure in bringing you an honesterotica exclusive, the complete Marko Reynard collection of ‘Dirty Money’, a playful and talented artistic combination of those powerful twins, sex and money. See them all now by clicking here – and only at honesterotica, your daily fix!

Naked violence

5th October 2023

Nackte Gewalt – Naked Violence – is the theme of today’s new artist, the German painter Sigurd Wendland. That’s the external and internalised violence of political, economic and social struggle, and you can see his artistic response now by clicking here. Your thoughts?

Best of both worlds

3rd October 2023

An early example in literature of crossdressing, Histoire de Madame la Comtesse des Barres is an eighteenth-century autobiography tellingly illustrated by Georges Annenkoff in this 1945 edition. See all his drawings now by clicking here – remember that in art less is often more!

Brand spanking new

2nd October 2023

It’s always a pleasure to add a new spanking title by the master of the genre Louis Malteste, and today we bring you his best-known and most popular portfolio Qui Aime Bien (Who Likes It), which remarkably remained in print for more than half a century – see all of his flagellation scenarios now by clicking here.

O la la!

1st October 2023

Classics like Maupassant’s Bel Ami and Proust’s Un Amour de Swann as explicit erotic comics? Why not? That’s today’s new artist, Guillaume Berteloot, and you can see four of his complete stories by clicking here. It helps if you can read French, mais pas obligatoire!

The naughty bougre

28th September 2023

Back to the eighteenth century today, with two pioneering sets of erotic prints from the infamous banned novel Histoire de Dom B…, the monk who wanted everything and anything carnal. Both complete portfolios, from 1740 and 1748, can be seen now by clicking here.

Renaissance revisited

27th September 2023

Like the old masters today’s new artist Joanna Chrobak admires, the women in her paintings are thin, with small breasts and rounded bellies. Half-naked beauties, unicorns, exotic birds, fish and fruit, see them all now by clicking here.

Serpieri Xtreme

24th September 2023

Today we bring you the second instalment of Paolo Serpieri, a new collection of more than a hundred explicitly sexual images from the volume appropriately titled XXX. Is this mostly consensual, pleasurable fantasy, or does it too often cross the border into rape imagery? See it all now by clicking here.

Classic Druuna

23rd September 2023

A treat for all Paolo Serpieri Druuna fans today – more than a hundred new works culled from his previously unpublished material featuring his curvaceous Latin heroine and her friends. For some just too much, for others not enough! See them all now by clicking here.