Stripped-down erotic comics

9th August 2022

Another important comic artist today, the prolific Argentinian Solano López, who in his late 60s turned to drawing erotic comics, including the classic Young Witches series. See his work now by clicking here.

A spanking good read

7th August 2022

Another of those wonderful 1930s Parisian flagellation novels today, this one with better-than-usual illustrations by the French artist Étienne Le Rallic – as far as we know his only foray into the genre. See The Pleasure of the Whip now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Small but perfectly formed

5th August 2022

In the last twenty years erotic bookplates have become popular, not to be pasted into books but to be be framed and displayed; the etchings of the French artist Patricia Nik-Dad are perfect examples of this genre, and you can see more than a hundred of them by clicking here.

A little light flagellation

4th August 2022

For those of you who like period spanking literature, we’ve just added Pierre Noël’s 1932 illustrations to the French flagellation narrative Diana Gantée, the Parisian Madame who trains young women to the manner required by her clients … See them now by clicking here.

Sex, sofas and ravens (ravens?)

3rd August 2022

A great new artist for you all today, the German Bodo Klös, with his wonderful etchings and drawings of naked bodies, ravens, and a touch of wry humour. You can see a large selection of his work now by clicking here.

Sense and censorbility

27th July 2022

Today’s new artist is the Mexican Areko Martiánez, who in two productive years of blogging before being censored from the internet produced several hundred sensitive pencil drawings of young men enjoying each other’s bodies. See his work now by clicking here.

Power and tenderness

25th July 2022

The wonderful Russian artist Vyacheslav Mikhailov is today’s new addition to the site, with his powerful textural canvases and his beautifully tender etchings of an older artist engaging respectfully with his Rubenesque models. See his work now by clicking here.

A Soviet erotic alphabet

23rd July 2022

A new erotic alphabet today, from the unlikely hand of the Soviet-era monumental sculptor Sergei Dmitrievich Merkurov. Imaginative and colourful, you can learn your Cyrillic alphabet at the same time as enjoying the art – click here to see the whole portfolio.

Pussy v Penis

22nd July 2022

Some light-hearted fun for everyone today, as a band of naked teenage girls challenge – and mostly win out – against a barrage of marauding phalli. Witty and imaginative, see the results of KiKo’s drawing skills by clicking here.

Sex is fun!

21st July 2022

Some gentle erotic delights today from Polish artist and graphic designer Lucjan Jagodziński, better known for his film posters. As far as we know his only risqué work, see them all now by clicking here.