Ten aspects of pleasure …

10th November 2021

A wonderful, colourful, and highly original new portfolio today from the French artist André Lambert, his Ten Pleasing Subjects. Hard to believe that these were created more than a century ago. See all of them now by clicking here.

Bele’s fun and games

9th November 2021

One of the most important German post-war surrealist illustrators, the inventive and playful Bele Bachem is today’s new art artist at honesterotica. See her wonderful Rosewater and Arabian Nights illustrations here and have your imagination tickled!

The ultimate Fanny Hill

8th November 2021

John Cleland’s Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, better known as Fanny Hill, is a classic of erotic literature, and nobody created better illustrations for it than Zevi Blum, today’s new artist. Wit abounds in his detailed drawings, which you can see here.

The joy of naked!

7th November 2021

The French artist Lucien Métivet is best known for his innovative Belle Époque theatre posters, but he also illustrated a couple of erotic classics, Roi Pausole and Chansons de Bilitis. He’s today’s new illustrator, and you can see all his work here. Enjoy!

Baroque revelries

5th November 2021

A new portfolio today from the Serbian illustrator Milivoj Uzelac, his 1937 plates for Béroalde de Verville’s baroque, sometimes obscene, and almost unreadable Le moyen de parvenir. See the whole series now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Puppet, or sex doll?

4th November 2021

After a short break, today’s new artist is the brilliant French graphic novel creator Jean-Pierre Gibrat, with his imaginative 1995 erotic retelling of Collodi’s Pinocchio – but Pinocchia is female, beautiful, and loves taking her clothes off. See her now by clicking here.

Remembering Betty

30th October 2021

A year ago tomorrow the wonderful artist and sex educator Betty Dodson died. To mark the occasion her partner Carlin Ross has posted a YouTube interview with Betty here; As Carlin says, ‘Celebrate Betty’s life with a candle, champagne – and an orgasm’. See Betty's work by clicking here.

Life’s little desires

24th October 2021

Many of you will already know the work of Simon Frankart, the creator of Petites Luxures, with its 1.3m Instagram followers. Now you can find out more about Simon and his work, including all the drawings from Intimate Stories, by clicking here. Enjoy!

Wonderful flesh …

21st October 2021

Today the pioneering French artist and sculptor Aristide Maillol joins honesterotica, with his two best book illustration portfolios, Beautiful Flesh and Dialogue of the Courtesans. So simple, yet so erotic – see them all by clicking here.

Renaissance revelry and nunnery naughtiness

20th October 2021

A delightful and colourful new portfolio for you all today from the Croatian artist Milivoj Uzelac, his illustrations for a 1950 edition of Poggio Bracciolini’s ribald tales from the fifteenth century. Devious monks and naughty nuns abound! They can all be found here.