The naked truth

23rd March 2024

Lilly Hill paints large naked women based on her own body. Her style is reminiscent of Renaissance art, but her subject matter is the relationship between physicality and sexuality, honesty and acceptance, power and presence. See her work now by clicking here.

Earthly and heavenly desire

21st March 2024

Erotic art which captures the relationship of human desire with the energies of the natural and spiritual worlds – that’s the aim of today’s new artist, Alexandra von Hellberg. Joyful sex along with birds, sea creatures and angels! See her work now by clicking here.

Naughty, but nice

19th March 2024

Today’s new artist is the French painter and printmaker Jules-Armand Hanriot, with his 1882 etchings for Charles Aubert’s racy series of novelettes Les Nouvelles Amoureuses (The New Lovers). Edgy then and rather sweet now, you can see them all by clicking here.

Lessons in love

17th March 2024

Specialist Paris publishers in the 1930s never missed an opportunity to pair a risqué text with a well-known artist, hence Umberto Brunelleschi’s colourful plates for René Boylesve’s Love Lesson in a Park, featuring as much naked female flesh as possible. See them all now by clicking here.

Small is (erotically) beautiful

10th March 2024

Another talented exponent of the miniature erotic engraving for you all today, the Russian-born Ukrainian artist Ruslan Agirba with his imaginative bookplates and related images, based on legend and folktale. See a wide selection of his work now by clicking here.

Paris, Japan

8th March 2024

For anyone who wasn’t already aware, there’s enormous interest in Japan in nostalgic erotic art, especially of the French variety, and the best exponent of the genre is today’s new artist, Alphonse Inoue (yes, he’s Japanese). See his wonderful work now by clicking here.

The devil’s work

7th March 2024

Another classic set of prints today – Martin van Maële’s 1917 etchings to accompany Baudelaire’s ground-breaking poetry cycle Les Fleurs du Mal, The Flowers of Evil. See them all now by clicking here.

The love of strong women …

6th March 2024

A small but powerful new portfolio for you all today, six etchings from 1927, almost certainly by the great Luc Lafnet, illustrating Paul Verlaine’s equally compelling poem cycle Femmes (Women). Miniature masterpieces! See them now by clicking here.

The bigger the better?

5th March 2024

Today’s new artist, New Yorker Ion Birch, certainly can’t be accused of understatement when it comes to sex. His exuberant scenes are full of massive cocks and magnificent vulvas, and you can see them all now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Planning to excite

3rd March 2024

Today’s new artist is another known much better for their other achievements, in this case the architect/planner Le Corbusier. But he was also a talented painter – and loved women. Hence his large, and largely unknown, output of erotic art. See it now by clicking here.