Orgies and exhibitionists

10th September 2022

Another talented but almost forgotten French illustrator today, Michel Siméon with his two colourful and explicit 1961 contributions to the erotic classics Nuits d’Orgie and Cécile. See them all now by clicking here.

Chez Madame Blanche

9th September 2022

A sweet pair of hand-painted portfolios for you today from an unknown amateur French artist, made around 1910. Clearly for ‘personal use’, they make up in imagination what they lack in artistic skill! Enjoy Madame Blanche’s Establishment for Girls now by clicking here.

A singer’s secrets

1st September 2022

The French illustrator Paul Vexiau, who used the pseudonym Polvexio, only produced one erotic portfolio, but his drawings of the exploits of a promiscuous German chanteuse are well worth checking out. See them now by clicking here.

Vulnerable intimacy

31st August 2022

Today’s new artist, Joyce Polance, presents images of women as they exist in relationship with one another – as friends, lovers, mothers, sisters, soulmates. Not explicitly erotic, but definitely honest and intimate. See her work now by clicking here.

A short stretch of lust

26th August 2022

Though her ‘erotic period’ was short (coinciding with a ‘lust period’?), Katinka Niederstrasser’s imaginative graphics are clever and thought-provoking. See them now by clicking here.

Antique debauchery

26th August 2022

The prolific eighteenth-century English painter George Morland created just thirteen explicitly erotic images, but the prints made from them, including Fanny Hill and Tom Jones, quickly became early classics of the genre. See them all now by clicking here.

Are your images distorted?

23rd August 2022

Since we upgraded our software a few weeks ago, a handful of people have reported that some images on the site appear distorted. Though we initially thought it was a browser issue, it turned out to be a glitch in the latest update of Drupal, the (usually extremely reliable) web-building tool we use for the site. It’s now fixed, but though we’ve done a thorough check there may still be a handful of images that still appear distorted. If you are unlucky enough to find an image that has slipped through the net, we’d be grateful if you could let us know – an email to is best – which portfolio and image number is still appearing stretched sideways. Many thanks!

Spanish style and imagination

14th August 2022

The Spanish artist Celedonio Perellón is today’s new addition, including his superwoman character Bunda (named for her fabulous derrière) and some remarkable Gamiani illustrations. Enjoy Perellón’s work now by clicking here.

Everywhere (almost)

12th August 2022

This is you, folks! A map of where @honesterotica’s 10k+ wonderful Twitter followers live – and what an international lot you are. We feel so honoured to have you on board, makes the whole project worthwhile. But ... c’mon Iceland and Madagascar ...

Playing your cards right

10th August 2022

Giuseppe Zaccaria, better known as Pino Zac, was a pioneer of satirical cartoons in his native Italy, but he only produced one erotic portfolio, a set of playing cards combining the clever use of suite symbols and his boundless imagination. See them now by clicking here.