Sex Parisian-style

5th November 2023

One of the best-known Parisian magazine artists of the early twentieth century, Zygmunt Brunner only illustrated two erotic classics – and we have both of them. See his stylish portfolios for Gamiani and Le Diable au Corps now by clicking here.

The complexity of the engaged artist

3rd November 2023

Brilliant painter, philosopher, social activist, obsessive bibliophile, ardent lover of women – that’s today’s remarkable new artist, Robert Lenkiewicz. A complex and driven painter who put himself at the heart of his local community, see his work now by clicking here.

Gamiani reprise

31st October 2023

Alfred de Musset’s ‘Gamiani’ is one of the best-known classics of French erotic literature, and one of the most-often illustrated. Today’s new addition is from 1935, by the ubiquitous Anonymous, and you can see it (donkey, monkey, hanged man and all) by clicking here.

Chansons érotiques

30th October 2023

A 1923 set of illustrations today to Béranger’s Erotic Songs, by Alex Virot, much better known as a pioneer French broadcaster than as an artist. But he did also like fleshly pursuits and wasn’t a half bad illustrator, as you’ll see if you click here.

Garden of delights

28th October 2023

Eighteenth-century orgies today – Sigmund Freudenberger’s etchings for Nerciat’s scandalous Les Aphrodites, a fictional fantasy of frolicking French aristocrats and clergy. See them all now by clicking here.

Honestly erótico

27th October 2023

Today we bring you the bold, innovative work of the Brazilian artist Fábio Baroli, with his artistic responses to classical art and voyeuristic pornography. See his thought-provoking work now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Just fantasies?

20th October 2023

Today’s new artist is the intelligent and imaginative French cartoonist Saxkal, with his fantasies based on the hippie commune life and the experiences of a revolutionary prostitute. See some of his best work now by clicking here, and share Saxkal’s creative world.

Philosophical encounters

19th October 2023

A small dose of eighteenth century philosophy today, Claude Bornet’s five engravings for the first illustrated edition of the Marquis de Sade’s Philosophie dans le Boudoir. Yes, they knew how to experiment sexually even in 1795! Click here now to see them.

A Parisian market place …

18th October 2023

A new portfolio by the great Alméry Lobel-Riche today – ‘Agora’ illustrates stories about the women of 1920s Montmartre in Paris, offering all they have in order to survive city life. See these atmospheric etchings now by clicking here.

The colours of desire

17th October 2023

Today’s new artist is Yana Ezar, whose trademark style of erotic painting is to fill her canvases, often large ones, with bold, colourful, yet carefully worked paint, mirroring the joyful energetic power of satisfying intimacy. See Yana’s work now by clicking here.