Memoirs of a woman of pleasure

22nd November 2021

Possibly the best-known work of erotic fiction, John Cleland’s Fanny Hill, was first published in London in 1748. Today’s new artist, Sophie Busson, was commissioned to create a new set of illustrations for a 1980 French edition; you can see them now by clicking here.

Smitten by song

21st November 2021

A new portfolio today from one of your favourite illustrators, Berthomme Saint-André – his 1933 prints for the erotic memoires of a German opera singer, based on the legendary Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient who seduced Beethoven and Wagner. See it now by clicking here.

What gender are you?

18th November 2021

Today’s new artist, Brooklyn-based Geoffrey Chadsey, is one of the few to engage fully with the vagaries and varieties of sexual identity. His multiple figures often shift between genders and even species. See his exciting work now by clicking here.

The graphic and versatile Dignimont

17th November 2021

A really important new artist for you all today, the talented Parisian illustrator André Dignimont, with no fewer than seven of his portfolios from the mid-1920s to the late 40s. Enjoy Maison Philibert, Gamiani, Verlaine and much more to be found here.

Dreams or nightmares?

16th November 2021

The prolific and thought-provoking Canadian artist Claude Bolduc is today’s new artist, with his disturbing paintings and drawings in which strange beings interact in a sensual and vivid dreamlike reverie. Not to everyone’s taste – see his work here and make your up own mind.

Sharing Paradise

15th November 2021

If you’ve wondered what the Garden of Eden was really like, wonder no longer. Today’s imaginative new portfolio from 1910 proves Eve and Adam were having a great time experimenting with each other and the rest of creation – including the dinosaurs! Share their exploration by clicking here.

The best candy box ever

14th November 2021

In 1907 the Vienna publisher Carl Stern published a portfolio called Die Bonbonnière, full of delicious bonbons by the master Franz von Bayros and the too-little-known Emil Ranzenhofer. We have them all here and here. Enjoy!

AirB&B with a difference!

13th November 2021

Fancy a house party with an erotic edge in a French château? Then you’ll love our new anonymous 1930s portfolio which you’ll find here, with fun and games for the whole extended family. Now go plan your own!

Sexual revolution 1848 style

12th November 2021

1848 was a year of revolution across Europe, and one anonymous German artist explored the ways in which political upheaval might also extend to the sexual realm. You can see the imaginative results in today’s new portfolio, Ausbrüche, by clicking here.

Beyond bawdy

11th November 2021

The French have a particularly Gallic tradition of rude songs, ‘Chansons de salle de garde’ (roughly ‘Waiting Room Songs’), and nobody has produced a better set of illustrations for them than today’s new artist, Paul-François Morvan. See them all now by clicking here.